Banana Chips (sweetened) (5 LB) - Gluten-Free Food, Vegan, and Kosher Snack

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  • ✅ IRRESISTIBLE TEXTURE- Packed with delicious flavor, irresistible texture, and a healthy kick of nutrients, dried banana chips are great for both kids and adults, with the added flavor your sweet tooth can’t resist.

  • ✅ NATURALLY SWEET TASTE- Our dried banana chips are the perfect snack to keep in your pantry. They have the same great flavor of banana but with added, natural sweetness for a taste you can’t resist.

  • ✅ MADE WITH COCONUT OIL- At Sincerely Nuts, we relish the fact that our banana chips are made from premium quality resources. Coconut oil comes with it’s own added health benefits and makes for the best tasting, crisp banana chips you could ask for.

  • ✅ PERFECT ON-THE-GO SNACK- These banana chips can be easily added as a salad topper or to many other recipes, but they are just as good all by their lonesome. Bring them along for your next hike, to the office, or just keep them around for a great pick-me-up snack.

  • ✅UNRIVALED SOURCING QUALITY - At Sincerely Nuts, we’re committed to the highest quality natural ingredient sourcing and production processes. We’re proud to source our banana chips are made from the best bananas right from the Philippines.