Blanched Peanuts Roasted and Salted

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  • ✅AN ALL-AMERICAN CLASSIC – Take me out to the ballgame... Okay, the game doesn’t matter so much. Whatever your favorite sport or pastime is, it’s always a good time for peanuts! From Washington Carver to present day, America has a special place in its heart for peanuts.
  • ✅ROASTED & SALTED TO PERFECTION – Nothing satisfies the need for crunchiness & saltiness quite like a heaping handful of Sincerely Nuts peanuts. They pair perfectly with your favorite beverages and are a deliciously healthy way to curb cravings and hunger pangs.
  • ✅PERFECT FOR PALEO AND OTHER DIETS - Get your fix of irresistible nuttiness while still adhering to restrictions and diets like Vegan, Vegetarian, Paleo, Keto and Gluten Free. Start living life in the tasty lane with Sincerely Nuts!
  • ✅CRUNCHY RECIPE ADDITION – Sincerely Nuts peanuts make a fantastic addition to some of your favorite dishes and recipes. Toss them into salads, trail mixes, chop ‘em up and put ‘em on sundaes, or bake them into cookies & other goodies. The possibilities are endless!
  • ✅100% KOSHER QUALITY - Sincerely Nuts is committed to the highest quality sourcing and production processes. With our gourmet line of hundreds of nuts, snacks and delicious treats, there's always something here for every preference! Kosher, Vegan & Gluten Free.
  • In stock on May 4, 2021