Sincerely Nuts Brown Flax Seed

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  • ✅ HIGH IN FIBER, LOW IN CARBS-Flax seeds are not only full of many important nutrients, but they’re also packed with fiber for healthy digestion. And, it’ll keep you fuller longer without adding unnecessary refined carbs to your diet.
  • ✅ GOOD SOURCE OF B VITAMINS- Brown flax seeds are super high in three essential B vitamins, needed for cell repair, energy production, and more. When combined with a healthy diet, you can get an extra boost of B1, B6, and folate from these tiny seeds.
  • ✅ ANTIOXIDANT BOOST- Flax seeds are one of the richest sources of the plant compounds, lignans. These powerful antioxidants neutralize free radicals in the body to ensure the health of the skin and more.
  • ✅GREAT FOR BAKING AND MIXING: There’s no limit to where you can add flax seeds. Throw in in salads, soups, or bake some in your favorite muffins, cookies, or cakes for a healthy, nutritious boost!
  • ✅UNRIVALED SOURCING QUALITY - At Sincerely Nuts, we’re committed to the highest quality natural ingredient sourcing and production processes.