Sincerely Nuts Dried Orange Slices

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  • ✅ PERFECT ON-THE-GO SNACK- At Sincerely Nuts, we're proud to offer this one-of-a-kind classic to snack on day or night. Get your hands on some of our famous orange slices today.
  • ✅ FIBER-RICH- Looking to fill up on some much-needed fiber? Our dried orange slices are the answer. Many people don't get the required amount of daily fiber, but with these snacks, it's easier than ever.
  • ✅ GET IN YOUR HEALTHY CARBS- As much as you might think, not ask carbs are bad! Oranges offer a healthy, low-glycemic intake of carbs to fill you up. Because of their low GI, they won't spike your blood sugar like unrefined sugar does.
  • ✅ VITAMIN C BOOST- With over 100 percent of the daily required intake of vitamin C, our dried orange slices are the perfect way to give your immune system a boost and satisfy your sweet tooth.
  • ✅UNRIVALED SOURCING QUALITY - At Sincerely Nuts, we’re committed to the highest quality natural ingredient sourcing and production processes. Our dried orange slices are domestically grown right here in the U.S.