Raw Shelled Pepitas Pumpkin Seeds, Unsalted

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    No Shell Pumpkin Pepitas

    Pumpkin Bowl

    Unlike the hard white pumpkin seeds you find when carving open a Halloween pumpkin, our pumpkin seeds are already shelled. The green colored inner seeds are often called pepitas…and they’re absolutely delicious. Because the shell or husk is already removed, you can eat them as is without any prep work. As a bonus, they’re easier for your body to digest and absorb all the healthy nutrients. This is awesome because they’re packed full of the following:

    · Plant based protein

    · Healthy Omega 6 Fatty acids

    · Iron, Zinc, and Copper

    · Vitamin K and Phosphorous

    · Manganese and Magnesium

    · Healthy mix of carbs and dietary fiber

    · Antioxidants