Sincerely Nuts - Salted Pumpkin Seeds In Shell

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  • ✅DELICIOUSLY CHEWY SNACK - Salted Pumpkin Seeds still in their shells are a super tasty and tantalizingly chewy superfood that you can snack on all day long. And they’re packed with beneficial nutrients & minerals that you can feel guilt-free and good about. Grab a second bag because just one will be gone before you know it!
  • ✅EXCELLENT SOURCE OF ZINC & MAGNESIUM – No need to buy expensive supplements and vitamins to get your recommended daily dose of Zinc & Magnesium. Pumpkin seeds contain 10% of your daily recommended Zinc and Magnesium in a single tablespoon! Just a couple of tasty handfuls a day is all you need to maximize your intake.
  • ✅MANAGE BLOOD SUGAR NATURALLY - It's no secret that many people suffer from complications related to the inability to properly manage blood sugar. This can lead to more serious insulin related disorders. Pumpkin seeds offer a healthy natural way to balance out dips & spikes in blood sugar throughout the day.
  • ✅HIGH IN FIBER - Especially when still in their shells, pumpkin seeds are in incredible source of fiber that helps promote digestive health and regularity. And with a whopping 7g of protein per 1 oz serving, these seeds are an ultra efficient way to get the nutrition your body craves.
  • ✅KOSHER & GLUTEN FREE - At Sincerely Nuts we source only the highest quality seeds and ingredients for all of our delicious snacks. Our Salted Pumpkin Seeds are ethically and honestly processed: Kosher, Vegan, Gluten Free.