Solid Shampoo Bar And Conditioner Effect Hair Soap, 100% Organic - All Natural Plant-Based Essential Oils And Zero Waste Biodegradable Packaging

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  • ✔️BESTSELLER!!! Natural Honey
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    shampoo bar
  • ✔️HIGHEST QUALITY AND NATURAL CARE! Being 100% organic eco-friendly these shampoo bars are made of high-quality all-natural ingredients! Cold-pressed to achieve the best quality these cute solid bars will naturally treat and restore your hair to its original shiny state without stripping it while the added conditioner effect will make your hair soft and light as a petal! You will notice a difference in the way your wet hair feels after washing!

  • ✔️100% ECO-FRIENDLY AND TRAVEL-FRIENDLY! These shampoo bars do not contain any chemicals or preservatives that can damage your hair while our packaging is 100% biodegradable and recycling! Their compact size and lightweight making these shampoo bars perfect choice for travel camping airplanes or on the road helping you take good care of your hair while being 100% waste-free!

  • ✔️HONEY BAR! This shampoo bar contains a variety of honey, lemon, frankincense, and other care essences, moistens and cares for hair, improves dry hair, maintains hair moisture, long-term use makes hair softer and brighter, suitable for neutral dry hair!

  • ✔️ZERO WASTE IS OUR MISSION! Green Earth is our goal! Everything from our products to our packaging is sourced with big care and consideration! We understand that millions shampoo and conditioner bottles are being thrown away each year in the U.S. Our focus and determination are fighting the plastic waste and being part of the solution to stop it from rocketing. That is why our products are always 100% plastic and metal-free, made of organic ingredients and zero-waste packaging!