Sustainable Living Zero Waste Gift Box,Beeswax Food Wrap +Reusable Straw collapsible travel size set +Organic Mesh Produce Bag +Bamboo Air Purifier

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  • 💚 BEESWAX FOOD WRAPS: Sustainable, Natural Alternative to plastic wrap, and sandwich bags. Wrap up cheese, fruit, vegetables, cookies, and sandwiches. Cover a bowl, or pack a snack for your next adventure. Use as a place mat, or bundle up hiking and backpacking tools, utensils, and toiletries for zero waste camping.
  • 💚REUSABLE STRAW +EXPANDABLE TRAVEL SIZE STRAW SET:In the U.S. we use over 500 million plastic straws DAILY. Plastic is not biodegradable, meaning every plastic straw used since they were invented in 1938 is still around in some form, leaching toxic chemicals into the water and soil. The good news is that just one person switching to use Terra Straws can keep about 38,000 nasty plastic straws out of the environment forever! EXPANDABLE TRAVEL SIZE REUSABLE TERRA STRAW
  • 💚 ORGANIC MESH SHOPPING BAG:One more step closer to a zero waste lifestyle and cuts plastic bag use in a convenient way; Each Terra comes with Medium size reusable and durable bag, great addition to your goal of being plastic free and helping the environment,and each mesh bags has the potential to eliminate up to 1000 plastic bags over it's lifetime.
  • 💚ACTIVATED CHARCOAL ODOR ELIMINATOR for a FRESH & HEALTHY HOME: Made from 100% activated bamboo charcoal, our air purifier charcoal bag is the most convenient, most practical and safest solution to keep your home free from any kind of unpleasant smell. Besides being an effective odor remover charcoal packet, this natural air deodorizer is also an air purifier protecting your family from mold, mildew and air-borne pathogens that cause allergies and common diseases
  • 💚 BAMBOO DEODORIZER BAGS THAT WORK ANYWHERE: The 200g activated charcoal odor remover pack efficiently works round the clock wherever they are. These bamboo charcoal air purifier bags filter and trap nasty smells, excess moisture, air-borne bacteria, and more. See it do wonders as a closet deodorizer, odor absorbers for rooms, car moisture absorber, cigarette smoke eater, car odor absorber, gym bag freshner, boxing shoe deodorizer, refrigerator smell eliminator or pet litter smell remover