Natural Coconut Fiber Toilet Bowl Brush with Hanging Hook Designed in Japan

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  • Our toilet bowl brush is designed in JAPAN, all materials originally imported from SRI LANKA. As manufacture and brand owner, we stand for quality and think a lot about sustainability.


  • This Toilet cleaner brush has a durable construction. The Solid bristles are made of COCONUT FIBERS, and the rigid handle is build up from Beechwood which will not rust and last for a long time.
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    Perfect Shape

    This toilet brush has the perfect shape and size. The extra bristles at the top are great for cleaning the hard to get the area under the rim. It works great to scrub at that dirt without bending or breaking.

    Long Handle and comes with a Hook

    The wood toilet brush has a little knitted handle to hang. You can use the sturdy gift hook to hang it just behind the toilet out of sight.