Totally Bamboo Salt Keeper Duet, Storage Box with Two Compartments for Salt, Pepper and Spices, Magnetic Swivel Lid

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Totally Bamboo Box Salt Keeper Duet, Bamboo Container with Magnetic Lid for Secure Storage

Flavorful cooking is within arm's reach with the Totally Bamboo Salt Keeper Duet. A split design allows for classic flavoring combinations to be kept conveniently near the stove, grill or kitchen table. The ingenious magnetic lock and a swiveling lid design makes it easy to for busy cooks to quickly grab a pinch of seasoning with just one hand while cooking. Masterfully crafted from Moso bamboo, the twin compartments store up to a 1/2 cup each. It's perfect for storing your favorite pairings of specialty salts, seasonings and spices. This handy storage solution is great outside of the kitchen too: use it to store jewelry, office supplies, knickknacks and more! Caring for the salt box is easy; simply hand wash with warm water and a mild detergent. The Totally Bamboo Salt Keeper Duet has a diameter of 5 inches and measures 2-1/4 inches high.