Eco-friendly Wheat Straws

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  • A+ TOP GRADE: The drinking straw set comes in a uniquely designed package with 200 all-natural wheat straws constructed from wheat stalks from already harvested wheat plants. They are disposable, sustainable and safe.
  • ALL-NATURAL: Non-chemical, certified and tested, the natural straws are environmentally safe and completely organic. Composed of cleaned and sterilized wheat compound that ensure a healthy alternative to other straws.
  • DISPOSABLE: Great for parties, BBQ’s and everyday use. The all-natural wheat drinking straw is made with natural plant product, they decompose and are not harmful to the environment. Ideal for one-time use and will not become soggy.
  • PORTABLE: The eco-friendly wheat drinking straws are easy to transport as they are packaged in a cylinder with a lid that assures the premium drinking straws will not spill. The 200 wheat straws are easy to store for later use.