White Eco Friendly Erasers - 15 Count Non Toxic Latex Free Erasers Made from Biodegradable Materials

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  • DID YOU KNOW: most erasers contain latex and other chemicals that are harmful for both the environment and child development?

  • The Eco Eraser by FLOMO is both non-toxic and latex free! Made from recycled TPE material, this eraser erases extremely cleanly and is safer to use.
  • These non-toxic eco friendly erasers erase super clean! Great for kids and the environment.
  • Each eraser removes smudges and marks cleanly with a dust-free effect. Great for artist and classroom use!
  • You will receive 4 packs of erasers - that's 12 erasers total. Great value for teachers and parents!
  • Latex-free and non-toxic erasers are safer for students and the environment, releasing no harmful fumes or chemicals that may impact growth.
  • The clean finish of these erasers is perfect for exams, essays, and everyday writing.