Yoga Mat, Non-Slip, Eco-Friendly and Biodegradable, Sweat-Resistant, Long, Wide and 4.2mm Thick Mat

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Yoga Mat gives the same extra thickness for your comfort, the same additional length and width for that little bit more space and the same unmatched grip as the Yoga Mat, but this mat features our new and pared-back AlignForMe Evolve system. Designed for Yogis of all practising styles and abilities but for those who like things just a little bit simpler.

  • 🤸‍♂️REVOLUTIONARY GRIP - Benefit from the ground-breaking “GripForMe” material that gives unparalleled warrior-like grip whilst practising. We believe this premium non-slip mat to be the grippiest Yoga mat currently available (it even stays grippy when ‘sweaty-wet’), making it essential equipment for any Yogi.

  • 🙏ALIGNMENT - Practice Yoga with the aid of the pared-back “Evolve AlignForMe” system- a simple and refined version of our original alignment system, intelligently designed to guide and align Yogis who like things a little bit simpler. The Evolve mat is made to our exacting standards and is a great way to improve technique; working as a navigational tool for Yoga asana practice, providing you with the best foundation for your workout.

  • 🌍TRULY PLANET FRIENDLY - Made using the most ‘body kind’ and eco-friendly materials and processes. Our mats are PVC free, biodegradable in 1-5 years in normal landfill conditions and made using high quality non-toxic materials that keep the mat clean and hygienic.

  • 😀BALANCE - The mat is longer, wider and thicker, giving Yogis the space they crave, with perfect balance between firm stability and comfortable cushioning whilst staying lightweight - 72.8" length x 26.8" width x 0.16" thick (4.2mm) and 5.5Lbs (2.5kg) weight.

  • ✅BAG INCLUDED - Carry and protect your mat with the Yoga mat bag.