Depressing Facts About Plastic Pollution and What We Can Do About It!

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Plastic pollution is a widespread problem all over the world. According to National Geographic, a whopping 91% of plastic isn’t recycled! In fact, billions of tons of plastic have been made over the past decades and much of it is becoming trash and litter.

Watch this video posted by the National Geographic about plastic pollution conquering our bodies of water…really depressing!



What if you can do something to help?

What if the solution only starts with you? In your own home?

Will you help save our environment?

Think the problem is too big for you to make an impact?

Think again.


We put together this list of eco-friendly products to show you just how easy it can be to replace some of the plastic products you buy. By replacing them, you can virtually eliminate your single use plastic pollution in your area.


One of the best ways to fight plastic pollution is to live by example and ensure the products you buy are produced with both ethics and environment friendly concern.


100% Compostable and Eco-friendly Paper Plates Made of Sugar Cane Fibers


The plates are made of 100% sugarcane fiber, a sustainable, renewable, and biodegradable material. A great alternative to traditional paper or plastic, the disposable plate offers the same sturdy function and easy cleanup, yet it’s completely tree- and plastic-free.

Since it’s made from 100% sugarcane fiber, the plate can be commercially composted (no need to send it to a landfill). The plate offers a disposable design that will degrade quickly, which means convenient cleanup for you, your customers, and the planet

These plates can be used for hot or cold food items. It offers reliable strength and does not contain any plastic or wax lining. These plates are microwavable & freezable. Oil and cut-resistant note: hot foods can cause the plates to perspire and condensation to form at the bottom.



Reusable Produce Bags - Eco-Friendly Carrying Sack

The only 100% plastic-free reusable produce bag set.  These are the only ones with absolutely zero plastics - not even in our packaging; our set is the most eco-friendly, zero-waste available on the market and it's definitely the perfect gift even for the most environmentally conscious people

7 unique size veggie bags for better organization. Grocery shopping includes various veggies and fruits; putting everything in 1 or 2 bags may cause damage and will definitely result in confusion when weighting is required.

2 extra-useful shopping accessories included. You will also receive 1 extra-large cotton shopping bag (with large pockets) to store other foods and purchases and 1 cotton sheet, used to conveniently transport and protect leafy greens and other vegetables



Natural Bamboo Wood Bath Mat


These wooden floor mats keep your feet off wet and slippery surfaces and use soft anti-skid rubber pads underneath to protect your flooring and provide you with safer, more stable footing

Indoor / outdoor: place inside bathrooms as a bathtub bathmat for a spa like feel or to make kitchens / laundry rooms more modern; use outside as a doormat, in a garage or RV, on a deck, or by a pool

Eco friendly bamboo: lighter than teak wood and stronger than plastic or rubber, our solid bamboo wood mats have a longer lifespan, would not stain, sag or bend, and also roll up for space saving storage

Durable, waterproof finish: the seasoned bamboo mat is temperature treated to be waterproof and to stay far from mold and odor; a lattice design lets water and air flow freely

Easy to clean. Our 23.6 x 15.7 x 0.3 inch wooden mats are bigger than most and much easier to clean than fabric floor rugs. Spray with water or wipe with a damp cloth to clean and lean on side to dry



Natural Dish Scrubber 

These kitchen scrubbies are loufa veggies, plant-based fibers come with brown paper packaging make them breathable, sustainable, replace all kinds of scrub made from plastic. Toss into compost pile when they're worn out.

The persistent part of the oldest loofah is selected then sewed 4 layers together to make the Loofah dishwasher sponge thick and close enough so that food do not get stuck in it after washing and durable for a year.

Natural loofah is soft in water but hard enough to get the tough stuff done. The more you use it the more it becomes soft - No odor - No sticky oil - Non scratch abrasive- Dry fast.



Waxed Canvas Lunch Bag, Reusable, 100% Biodegradable, Eco friendly

This 16-ounce heavy-duty reusable lunch bags include a strap and are stain & water resistant. The material is easy to clean. High Quality workmanship with double stitching and seam work means this bag is built to last. Large sizes for lunches and bento boxes (8.5 inches wide, 5.5 inches deep, and 14 inches high. Biodegradable free of any synthetic, toxic or plastic-based materials, free of any animal based materials



Reusable Produce Bags - Biodegradable and Eco-Friendly - Machine Washable 12-pack



Reusable bags create a zero-waste lifestyle which is closer to zero pollution. Reusable mesh product bags also reduce using plastic bags by its convenience.
The reusable produce bags are made of organic cotton which has no plastic, no lead, no mercury and no harmful chemicals but is biodegradable.

They are safe to use and non-toxic on vegetables and fruits. This set of bags contain 5 solid bags without holes(1L,2M,2S), 5 mesh bags (1L,2M,2S) and 2 net bags. Suitable for vegetables, fruits, beans, oatmeal and other products. These bags are firm and durable, with convenient straps and beads for additional closure. It can be machine washed and washed after flat to dry.




Square Palm Leaf Plates Set (50 Pack)


Unlike other palm leaf plates that easily break under hefty meals or leak when used to serve saucy dishes, the Cater Eco palm leaf dinnerware set is crafted using premium leaves for an extra-sturdy result. This means you won’t have to deal with messy accidents at your party, and the heavy duty design also treats you to microwave-safe convenience. Palm Leaf Plates. Eco biodegradable leaves.

Our disposable plates completely steer away from chemicals that leech into food or binders that compromise biodegradability. This palm leaf plates set biodegrades faster than others in approximately 60 days, is fully recyclable, and safely burnable, making it ideal for disposal in fire pits at summer camps or lodges. Disposable plates.

Give your outdoor party a unique touch with this handcrafted palm leaf dinnerware. Crafted by experienced artisans exclusively using palm leaves that have naturally dropped to the ground, these disposable party plates spruce up any setting with their earthy look, eye-catching palm leaf patterns and a lovely blend of color. Square natural dishware.

Get the best bang for your buck with our 50-piece palm leaf disposable plates set. It includes (25) 10” disposable dinner plates and (25) 7” disposable salad plates. Whether you’re looking for plates to serve your guests at a wedding, porch party, luau, barbecue, or take with you on that camping trip, these palm leaf party plates blend convenience and value.



Thank you for checking out our selected list of eco-friendly products. You can find more in our collection.

This is only a small fraction of the environmentally friendly options out there, so if you haven’t found what you’re looking for, a quick eco-friendly products Google search should help you find it.

If you have any questions or would like to suggest your favorite eco-friendly products, feel free to submit using the comment section below.


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