Below are recent testimonials from some of our customers:
5 stars
My order arrived promptly, neatly packaged, looking exactly as pictured. I received a note from the company before I received my order, thanking me for my business & another upon receipt, to make sure everything arrived as I expected. I appreciate this fine customer service & highly recommend this company.
Customer Name: J Glenn
5 stars
"I recently purchased a compost bin as one of my wife's gifts for her b-day. She had been eyeing this bin for some time and wanted it to complement our newely remodeled kitchen. Upon arrival and unboxing we found that it was damaged. I went to their web page and texted via the popup stating we had received a damaged product. Within no time someone responded and expressed how sorry they were and requested pics to be sent via email for review. After visual confirmation they immediately processed a replacement and provided an email with return information at no cost to me. Shortly after that I received another very sincere and apologetic email with estimated arrival date of the replacement and even remembered and wished my wife a Happy Birthday. We received the new bin quickly and they even included a free gift for the inconvenience. This was my first time shopping with the Eco Trade Company but I assure you it won't be the last. In the end I got a quality product with great pricing and my experience was top notch and not the norm with today's online shopping. I definitely recommend them, so try for yourself!!!!"
Customer Name: Greg W.
5 stars
"Such an awesome company that offers eco-friendly products. I bought one set of the compostable plates and cutlery for my son's birthday and they went straight to my compost liners, unlike those laminated plates in plastic that does not decompose, the set really decompose well. Will surely be ordering more stuff from you guys. Highly recommended!"
Customer Name: Jane F.
5 stars
"I'm a traveler, having their EcoBox Kit is such an amazing thing. They are very easy to clean and since they are reusable, i can use them in all of the trips that i will do. I like the idea of having a bamboo brush on the set. Over-all-love this kit."
Customer Name: Lawrence M.
5 stars
"If you guys are looking for a reputable seller where you can buy your eco stuff, this company is 100% legit! The delivery time is awesome. I think i just ordered it the other day, next thing...its here! This should be the practice for all online sellers. You surely got my attention and trust too."
Customer Name: Betty W.