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 Environmental Conservation


Nature has a lot of things to offer us. Food, means of shelter, water. Not only does it offer the most basic needs but also offers us the most breathtaking and fascinating views, landscapes and natural parks, not to mention the beautiful wildlife out there that are still waiting to be discovered. Life exists with nature.

The beauty of nature must be nurtured and cared. Sadly advancement in technology, industrialization, and modernization left a serious damage to our environment. Human footprints are inevitably destroying nature in some way. Since we are getting our means of existence from nature, it is our duty and responsibility to care for it.

There are so many ways on how we can share to the preservation and conservation of our environment. We can do our fair share in protecting it. Get involved and volunteer with conservation drive with your local communities.


Why Do We Even Care for the Environment?

Healthy environment equals healthy living. The air that we breathe comes from nature. The more polluted the air is, the more that people living within the area becomes sick of many illnesses. Air pollution alone can risk us from having bronchitis, asthma, lung and heart diseases.

Imagine living in a community full or garbage, polluted air, polluted water, full of high rise buildings, no greens. Expect to have a very short life expectancy rate due to illnesses. As compared to those who live in the provinces where there are a lot of trees-greens and lesser pollution, the life expectancy would be much longer.


Now the Question is: How Do We Take Care of the Environment?

Learning to take care of our environment is everyone’s responsibility. Parents, their children, young adults, senior citizens must all act towards protecting the environment even in simple ways. Here are some of the things that we can do:

  • When you go to the park or go on any outdoor activity with your family or friends, always practice the clean as you go policy. Make sure that all plastic and waste materials that you used are kept with you to be disposed on the right disposal area.picnic
  • Start planting or gardening. Teach young ones the importance of producing their own organic food as well as the importance of planting trees to our environment. Instilling these things to young children will give them an idea about the benefits and why it is a must to care for it, in the long run, they will grow up with the attitude towards giving care to the planet.
  • Join tree planting activities, it’s a lot of fun!
  • Camping is fun, but be sure to keep your fire put out properly in order to avoid any forest fire from happening. Forest fires had caused serious damage in many areas. Cigarette butts must be disposed well too.
  • Proper thrash disposal at home, waste segregation, and organic composting must be observed at home. Segregate plastic, papers, bottles which can be recycled and organic matters such as fruit and vegetable peels, left-over food, and the like can be kept om a compost bin for gardening purposes.
  • Always turn off lights when not in use in order to conserve on electricity.
  • Purchase only those electrical appliances that are energy efficient.
  • Use bike or walk when you are just going on a short distance, doing so will save fuel, lessen smoke emission from your car, contribute to a cleaner environment, and most of all, it is a great means of exercise. You can also do carpool services or public transport if you have to. walking
  • If you have to use your car, better open the windows when weather permits. This will save you on fuel consumption.
  • Rather than depending too much on your drier, why not hang your clothes outside to dry out during a good weather condition. Try to use your washing machine only when you have loads of laundry to work on in order to save time. Time that you can use for other things such as gardening or segregating thrash at home. Something productive that could help save our environment while getting a little profit. Plastic, papers and bottles can be brought to recycling plants for some extra money.
  • Use solar power. It might be expensive for now but in the long run, it will save you a lot of money from your electrical panel homes
  • Rather than throwing away stuff, try to donate them. There are so many less fortunate people who will like donations such as clothes.
  • When you buy your stuff at the grocery, try to buy those with less plastic packaging for fresh produce. Bring your own Reusable Eco-friendly bags.
  • Make use of papers wisely. Print both sides when needed. If possible, send correspondence through email. This will save huge number of trees from being cut down.
  • Talk to your utility service providers for electricity, internet, bank communications, newsletters and other sign-ups not to send paper mails, use email to save on paper. You can also do online payments and get online receipts as well.
  • Do not remove strainers on your sinks, they are there for purpose-to filter dirt and other debris. Get rid of those and dispose them accordingly.
  • Ladies love shopping, but shop wisely. Buy out of need and not out of want. Do not buy things that will just end up hidden in your closet because you’ve already got a lot of things to wear or simply you just bought it because it looks great only to find out that it doesn’t suit you.
  • Check your taps at home and be sure that there are no leaks in order to save water.
  • Use energy efficient lights at home to save on energy.
  • Buy Eco-friendly products such as an Eco-friendly zero waste Eco gift set which includes a cotton mesh grocery bag will last for hundreds of grocery visits. Our bamboo toothbrush and carry case are made from long lasting biodegradable bamboo. Our Beeswax Wrap Set (3 piece) is great for food storage. Sticks easily to bowls, or use to store snacks and sandwiches (great for bread storage). The reusable straws are made from stainless steel and the storage box is reusable and also recyclable. This zero waste kit can be used time and time again, they are easy to clean and completely dishwasher safe. This zero waste kit is made from sustainable products that have been ethically sourced.Eco Box Kit
  • Set timers (when available) on appliances to turn off when not in use. Save on electricity consumption. Being energy efficient citizens would bring so much contribution to our energy source.
  • Use organic cleaners and avoid using harmful chemicals as they do harm to the environment.
  • Try to reuse, reduce and recycle things.

Be the change you want to see in the world! Plant more green leafy plants. Grow your own garden, plant trees, contribute something great for the environment.


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