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Email Newsletter dated: March 31, 2023


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As someone who loves hiking, camping, and being out in nature, it's important for me to stay hydrated and take care of the environment at the same time.
Well, we don't really need to choose between doing what we love to do and our advocacy, right? 
Anyway, I struggled to find a hydration container that fits all my criteria - durable, lightweight, easy to clean, and of course, environmentally friendly.
I've spent countless hours browsing through stores, but nothing seemed to tick all the boxes (yeah, at this point, you may have thought I should have checked stuff online instead of jumping from one store to another). 
Yeah, I kinda preferred to shop around than shopping online... 
My friend Shauna and I were on a camping trip last summer when she showed me her eco-friendly insulated hydration container.
I was amazed by how well it kept her drink cold, even under the scorching sun! Imagine, the summer sun, and we were out for 2, 3, 4 hours...
That's something.... 😎
I know this part will sound boring... but you gotta listen... you need water containers when you'll go out ... hello, it's officially SPRING!!!
She also mentioned that it's made from high-quality stainless steel and has a powder-coated finish that makes it scratch-resistant and easy to clean.
Easy to clean -- music to my ears! I hate it when I can't properly clean a container because there's gonna be a weird smell after... 
As I held the container, I noticed how lightweight it was. I just thought it's perfect for backpacking trips (yeah, even when we were still camping, I was already daydreaming about the next adventure).
It also has a wide-mouth opening that makes it easy to fill and pour.  It has a leak-proof cap that prevents any spills (hmmmmm.... leak-proof is debatable if you're clumsy, and you did not close the container properly... or worst, totally forgot to close it).
But what impressed me the most was it's BPA-free, phthalate-free, and doesn't have any harmful toxins that could harm me and the environment.
It's a guilt-free choice! 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
I couldn't believe it - this was the perfect hydration container I've been searching for!
And yes, she found it online... oh boy.... and yes you might have guessed it right, I ended up here 😁!
Check out stuff below, they have eco-friendly insulated hydration containers that cater to your needs and styles. You MUST have it when going outside this Spring.
Anyway, I ended up buying the same container as Shauna, and I couldn't be happier with my purchase... this is an investment. You think it's a luxury... but believe me, it's worth it!
It has become my trusted companion in all my outdoor adventures, and I feel good knowing that I'm not harming the environment with my choices.
If you're also on the lookout for an eco-friendly insulated hydration container that fits your criteria, check out some below... it's worth the investment! 

Find Your Hydration Companion➡

Tree Tribe

Water Bottles are double layered for insulation - no condensation or outside temperature change. Made with high-quality, food-grade stainless steel, use for water, coffee, tea, juice, wine... on hikes, gym, or daily drinking cup.
Iron Flask
The double wall insulation makes the Flask sweat-free! It keeps your drink COLD for up to 24 hours, and HOT for up to 12 hours. Flask comes with THREE different lids. Carabiner Straw Lid with 2 Straws, Flip Lid, and a Stainless Steel Lid!
Hydro Flask
Dishwasher safe water bottle allows quick and easy cleaning; Slip-free powder coating won't sweat, keep the coldest drinks icy cold and hot drinks piping hot for hours, BPA-free, phthalate-free, and made of stainless steel; lid not leak-proof.
Bamboo Vacuum Tumbler
Versatile & adaptable, this bamboo infuser & strainer tumbler can make you your hot brewed coffee in the morning, fruit infused drinks for lunch, and a loose-leaf tea in the evening. The possibilities are endless!

More Eco-Friendly Water Containers ➡

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