125 Count Eco Friendly Take Out Food Containers 7" x 5",1-Comp - Non Soggy, Leak Proof, Heavy-Duty Quality, To Go Containers, Microwave Safe

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  • Better the environment with eco-friendly food containers by committing to HeloGreen!

    Unique Features of our Food Containers

    ✅ Durable, strong, eco-friendly material made from cornstarch

    ✅ Non-Soggy! Great for wet food and guaranteed to not soak through

    ✅Microwave and Freezer Safe - Withstands temperatures from -4 to 248 degrees Fahrenheit

    ✅Non-Stick Surface unlike other containers 

    ✅Perfect for reheating and storing leftovers

    ✅Easy latch closure to keep food securely inside

    Make the smart decision and go Green!

    Other alternatives are a thing of the past!

    Styrofoam containers take many years to break down, and paper product clamshells cannot withstand moisture for long periods of time.

    And there are HeloGreen eco-friendly food containers that completely durable, strong, and soak-proof made from mainly cornstarch, a renewable resource, and a small percentage of PP#5 used for durability and strength helps reduce your carbon footprint!!

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