60 Disposable Wooden Cutlery, 100% compostable Wood and Paper Eco Friendly

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Crafting Mindful Cutlery, Catered to Meet Your Needs

Preserving our environment is more than a trend. It’s a necessity. And with disposable silverware from us, there's no excuse for forking over sustainability in the name of convenience.

Determined to Make a Difference in a Disposable World

Some say change begins at an individual level, while others say the responsibility lies with large corporations. Either way, we are a community of workers who wish for a cleaner world. Join our renewable journey with our disposable wooden cutlery.

Avoiding Guilt and Grimy Cleanup

Toss these zero waste products in the trash without any guilt! They’ll soon decompose, becoming one with the earth. Easy disposal means you’ll no longer spend time washing dishes, so you can get back to the celebration sooner

Forks, Knives and napkin 

Each set includes 60 paper packets with:

  • Fork
  • Knife
  • Napkin
    Set the Scene with Sustainable Silverware

    From outdoor picnics to dinner with friends, and from family gatherings to office parties, biodegradable cutlery is a must-have when you’re feeding a crowd the earth-friendly way. Whether you’re at home or on the go, make this wooden utensil set part of any event.

    Disposable cutlery is the way to go. Add our compostable personal cutlery to your cart, and you’ll be a sustainability star!
  • SIMPLE AND SUSTAINABLE – 60 Disposable Wooden Cutlery packets with Fork Knife and Napkin. Ecofriendly Silverware.
  • ECONOMICAL AND CONVINIENT -Fits any occation From office meal to outdoor events,efficiently packed and convniently disposed without guilt of using plastic