Bamboo Universal Knife Block - Knife Holder with 2 Built-In Knife Sharpeners - 2-Tiered Modern Knife Storage Up to 16 Large and Small Knives

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    The Simple Solution to Knife Storage! 

    Your knives are stealing your drawer space, and their blades are dangerously uncovered. Remedy both problems with one space-saving wood knife block! This knife block grants you more precious drawer space by storing up to 16 knives and keeps the blades covered and away from hands.

    The bamboo encasement gives your kitchen an air of modern elegance while showcasing your impressive knife collection. 


    No Slots, No Problem! 

    Place your knives anywhere in the knife block! This knife block doesn’t have assigned spots for each blade, which allows you to store as many knives as you need. Plus, flexible rods allow you to remove knives with one hand, so you can keep on cooking while you grab the right tool.


    Non-Slip for Safety! 

    Worried about removing knives one-handed? The tilt of the wooden block and non-slip bottom keep it in place! You stay safe, and your knives stay in place. Whether you keep the knife block holder under your cabinet or proudly display it, it will stay put no matter what.


    The Perfect Plastic Rods! 

    The plastic rods hold more than just knives! Create even more drawer space by storing your kitchen shears, potato peelers, and more in the wooden kitchen knife block.And when you need to wash the versatile, easy-clean rods, simply rinse them with tap water and soap.


    Built-In Knife Sharpeners 

    Chop, slice, and dice with ease when you keep your knives razor-sharp. The knife block's two sharpeners help you keep your blades sharp in two simple stages.

    Stage 1: Tungsten steel helps re-shape your knives and redefines the dullest, most damaged blades.

    Stage 2: Ceramic rod not only sharpens to precision, but it also polishes and removes burrs.

    Stay organized, and stay sharp when you order our Bamboo Universal Knife Block TODAY!