Bamboo Wooden Coffee Stir Sticks 1000 per Box

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Bamboo Wooden Coffee Stir Sticks 1000 Count | 7.5" Premium Wooden Coffee Stirrers | Non-Plastic Eco-Friendly Wood Stirring Stick, Disposable Drink Stirrer 1000/Box 7.5 inch Stirs

QUALITY WOODEN STIR STICKS: wood stick stirrers are smooth and durable. They won't shred or splinter so you don't have to worry about anything wood related getting into your mouth. Just worry about not burning yourself with your hot drink!

STIR HOT BEVERAGES: These coffee stirrers are designed to mix in milk, cream, or sugar into your coffee, tea, hot chocolate, or any drink! Our wood is able to withstand the hottest beverages without transferring any of the wood taste.

ECO-FRIENDLY: These drink stirrers are made from bamboo wood which are way more eco-friendly than plastic cocktail straws. Our wood stir sticks are biodegradable so you don't need to feel guilty when putting our stir straws in the garbage can. Leave those black plastic bar straws in your cocktails. Instead, opt for our wooden stir sticks for coffee, tea, or your beverage of choice.

GREAT PACKAGING: Our wooden stirrers come in a nice box because not everyone has a coffee condiment/accessories organizer. If you don't have a caddy organizer then opt for our boxed set instead of wood coffee stir sticks in non-eco-friendly ziplock bags.

DAILY ESSENTIAL ITEM: Wooden coffee stir sticks are mandatory for offices, restaurants, bars, cafes, parties, and events. They are an important but frequently overlooked item in office breakroom supplies, bar supplies, and restaurant depots. Don't be that person who forgot to order the coffee stirrers and buy them now before you forget again!