Biodegradable & Eco Friendly Cremation Urns for Adult Ashes Large 12x5 Inches

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  • ⋆ AS UNIQUE AS THE LIVES THEY SYMBOLIZE ⋆ Our CREMATION URNS for Human Ashes Adult are designed to not only provide a temporary resting place for your loved one forever, but serve as a beautiful work of art for your loved one's funeral, burial or scattering memorial. 
  • ⋆ A BEAUTIFUL SOUL DESERVES A BEAUTIFUL TRIBUTE ⋆ Our designers are dedicated to creating our URNS FOR ASHES with you in mind, allowing us to create deep, spiritual, beautiful and serene designs that actually hold meaning. Three sizes are available: LARGE 12”H x 5”W x 5”W - Holds up to 230 cubic inches, MEDIUM 10”H x 4”W x 4”W - Holds up to 100 cubic inches, SMALL 8.5”H x 3”W x 3”W - Holds up to 50 cubic inches
  • ⋆ BIODEGRADABLE, ECO FRIENDLY & AIRPORT READY ⋆ Our Scattering Tubes for human ashes adult are STURDY, yet made of all natural paper components, contain no metal or plastic, and are a responsible earth friendly option. When ready to scatter, the lid slides off, a perforated tab is pushed, and the ashes can be gently shaken from the tube. Once the ashes have been scattered, the tube can be kept or recycled.