Compostable Food Storage Bag Bundle, Gallon, Quart, Sandwich and Snack Sizes

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"My order arrived promptly, neatly packaged, looking exactly as pictured. I received a note from the company before I received my order, thanking me for my business & another upon receipt, to make sure everything arrived as I expected. I appreciate this fine customer service & highly recommend this company." - Customer: J. Glenn

CONFIDENT, LEAK-FREE STORAGE: Shoppers say they are glad to finally have a bag with an ultra-tight seal that lets them confidently store liquids, soups, and sauces in the freezer without worries over leaks and bursts

FRUSTRATION-FREE ZIP BAGS: Stop fumbling with cheap Zippered food bags that are hard to open or shut; Cleanomic created a durable, leak-proof seal with a grippy opening for food storage bags that separate fast and shut quickly - without the frustrating missed-zips (even for those with older hands)

STRONG, STURDY, AND FREEZER READY: The protective thickness of Cleanomic freezer bags means these are tough enough to handle sharp ice as well as metal parts, yet the 100% tight storage bag is also strong enough to end the fear of freezer-burned stews, smoothies, meats, fruits, or veggies

REUSABLE & COMPOSTABLE: Fans tell us they first tried Cleanomic bags because of how they can be composted into organic soil - but they buy them over and over because, unlike ordinary, single-use plastic baggies, Cleanomic bags are so reliable that they can be rinsed and reused several times and still keep overstuffed sandwiches, fruit & snacks fresh in the lunch box. *Commercially compostable only. Check your local community as to availability. 

FULL-DEPTH BAGS PER BOX: Each bag is crafted with a Full-Depth design so you can use every inch of your food storage bags to hold tall knick-knacks, crafts & office items for an organized home, while still enjoying easy-to-load freezer bags that lay flat in the freezer.