Dairy Free Vegan Protein Bars, Organic, Kosher, Egg-Free, Non-Gmo & Dairy-Free Protein Bars

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  • No Nuts, No Problem - 100% Nut-Free & made in a nut free facility. We are raising the bar for modern snacking, no nuts necessary. No Nuts bars are packed with premium ingredients and are perfectly balanced to provide nutrition, energy, and crave worthy flavor that can be enjoyed by all.
  • Enjoy With Confidence - Nut-Free Vegan Protein Bars. To the responsible parents, growing kids, teachers, tutors, coaches, and caregivers—we created the allergy-friendly snack you’ve been searching for. A completely nut-free, dairy-free, worry-free, fiber & protein packed bar you can enjoy, share and serve with confidence.
  • A Bar For Everyone - Gluten Free & Non-GMO Dairy-Free & Egg-Free Energy Bars Snacks. Everyone deserves to love what they eat. We said, “No!” to nuts so that everyone, regardless of allergies or dietary restrictions, can say, “Yes!” to something special. Our bars are made in a nut-free facility, ‘slab formed’ for optimal chewy, crunchy goodness, and have less calories than a bowl of raisin bran.
  • Satisfying Versatility - We didn’t set out to make a post-workout bar, a breakfast bar or a candy bar, we made a go anywhere, do anything, treat yourself bar. Whether you’re kicking off the day or topping off dinner, No Nuts! Is there to satisfy.
  • Delight in Life! 12g of Protein and 9g of Fiber in a 1.76oz Protein Bar. - No Nuts! carefully crafts our nut-free bars so that you can focus on the delightful side of life. Take on that challenging trail; focus on your game or your studies; feel good about family-day, flying abroad or picnics in the park because this snack has your back.