Dream Cabriolet VM-05 Mechanical Model Kit, Wooden 3D Car Puzzle for Self Assembling

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  • The Dream Cabriolet VM-05 mechanical model kit: the highly detailed and extremely realistic Ugears’ tribute to the automobile industry highlights of the 50s, the period of magnificent luxury cars and convertibles and, of course, rockabilly music, swing dresses, bobby socks.
  • The 50s had given automobiles a completely new look, producing absolutely unique recognisable designs. Comprised of 739 parts, this Ugears self-propelled assembling model is equipped by a rubber-band motor that powers the mechanism and drives the car. The Cabriolet can go forward or back.
  • To ensure you can take a close look at the beautiful eight-cylinder V configuration engine in operation, we introduced the idle mode. In this mode, your Cabriolet will stay still letting you look under the hood to appreciate the beauty of the moving gears.
  • Should you want to put y vehicle in motion, pull the transmission lever on the steering column. Both front and rear wheels of the model are suspended to make its ride ultimately smooth. To make the design of this unique model even more realistic, engineers added a few important elements that make the automobile look extremely lifelike. We believe you will enjoy the window cranks and fully functional windshield wipers as well as a lifting jack and a repair toolkit mounted under the rear trunk