5 Renewable Plant Fiber Clam Shell Containers

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  • Gentle on Our Bodies and Our Earth

    Innovative and offering alternatives in daily products which are safer and better for our Earth. Constantly striving to bring our customers the best products available, without losing sight of our goal of making 'going green' affordable to all. Going green does not mean you have to compromise on quality or performance.

    Made from unbleached, chlorine free, pesticide free, dye free, natural discarded wheat stalk bagasse (sugarcane fiber)
  • Microwave safe - withstands heat and is liquid/oil resistant, can be used both with hot and cold foods
  • Contains no plastic or wax lining. Strong and sturdy, durable cut resistant construction
  • Tree-free, Environmentally beneficial, sturdy construction, compostable
  • Material is Gluten Free - made from the plant stalk not grains, which store the proteins and allergens