Eco Friendly .15 OZ - 100 PACK Lip Balm Jar - Kraft Cardboard 100% Biodegradable Cosmetic Jar

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Size : 30mm x 16mm Perfect for Lip Balms. Nice little jars. When a little is all you need.

That is a standard Carmex jar in the picture as a size reference.

4.5 ML / 0.15 OUNCE

A good size for lip balms.

The days of filling up landfills with used plastic salve / lotion bar / balms containers is over. What is the point of making your own organic balms and salves with love and care only to put them in plastic containers that will NEVER decompose. Your product can't be 100% natural unless the package it comes in is 100% biodegradable.

These kraft paper 100% recyclable jars are a great eco friendly alternative to jars made from petroleum based plastics.

Kraft paperboard is renewable, biodegradable, and recyclable.

These kraft jars are constructed with an oil resistant paper barrier perfect for balms, lotions, and many other uses.

If you care about the environment at all these are a no brainer.

- Rolled edge flush fit balm jars have a smooth sculpted look and are made from 100% recyclable paperboard

- Paperboard is a renewable, biodegradable, and recyclable

- Eco-friendly alternative to jars made from plastics of any kind

- Oil resistant paper barrier

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100 x Kraft Eco Jars