30L Eco Friendly Waterproof Dry Bag Backpack

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  • FE Active - High-Quality Dry Bags and Outdoor Gear

    ECO FRIENDLY: Environmentally safe PVC – tested and certified.

    FE Active is known for making the highest quality dry bags and outdoor products in the market today. We stand behind the workmanship and design of our products and are happy to offer: 

    • OUR PROMISE: We believe our products should last you a lifetime. You can expect us to back you for all your outdoor adventure needs.
    • RESPONSE TIME: You should never have to wait more than a few hours for a response. Our top priority is our customers.
    • SAFER INNOVATION: We are always looking for safer ways to produce better products. If you would like to share research or studies, we are all ears. Your feedback is critical in our goal to reduce our carbon footprint while maintaining high-standards for high-quality products.
    • THE JOURNEY FORWARD: The core foundation of FE Active is our charity organization, The Journey Forward. We aim to donate products to both local and international developing communities to inspire outdoor activity as well as the attendance and encouragement of education in school.