Filtered Shower Head, High Pressure Water Flow and Multiple Spray Modes Shower Head with Filter and ON/OFF Switch for Pets Bath

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Full Pressure Adjustment for Showerheads & One-Button Water Stop

Full Pressure Adjustment for Showerheads:

Functionality: Grants full command of the water pressure, easily tailored to suit personal comfort levels.

Advantage: Accommodates a range of preferences, from invigorating high-pressure to relaxing low-pressure streams.

Utility: Delivers a steady and satisfying shower experience, regardless of varying household water pressure levels.

One-Button Water Stop:

Feature: Instantly halts the water flow at the press of a button, offering a quick pause and resume function.

Advantage: Promotes water conservation, adds operational convenience, and provides an extra layer of safety; perfect for momentarily stopping water.

Usage: Exceptionally useful for managing bathing routines involving children, the elderly, pets, or for any cleaning tasks that require intermittent water control.


Providing a soothing, gentle massage while ensuring a thorough and effective cleaning experience

Scalp Massage During Shampooing: The Silicone massage design provides a gentle massage to the scalp, enhancing the shampooing experience and potentially promoting better blood circulation.

Reaching Hard-to-Reach Areas: They can help in cleaning areas of the back and other parts of the body that are difficult to reach with hands alone.

Suitable for Children: These silicone heads can also be used for washing children's hair, offering a more convenient and considerate experience compared to traditional shower heads..

High-pressure Handheld Showerhead: This shower heads with handheld boasts micro-technology with a unique structure for boosted pressure. With 150 tiny, closely-spaced nozzles, it ensures a steady water flow, saving up to 30% water and providing a powerful spray for a fatigue-relieving massage.

Upgraded Filtered Showerhead: Eliminates 99.99% of chlorine to lessen skin and hair dryness and irritation. This showerhead softens hard water, protecting against skin and hair damage, with an 18-layer filtration system removing diverse impurities. Replace the filter cartridge every 4-6 months based on water quality. 

Multi-mode Showerhead: This detachable showerhead with a hose features a handheld design with four practical spray settings: full-body rainfall mode, powerful mixed mode, spray massage mode, and water-saving pause function. It meets various needs without complex settings for ease of use.

One-touch Water Stop Design: When showering, you no longer need to fiddle with the water heater switch or struggle to find it while shampooing. Enjoy the convenience of bathing your child or pet while seated, without the hassle of constantly standing up to adjust the water.The one-touch water stop feature allows for quick shut-off in emergencies, enhancing safety.

Pressure Adjustment Function: The shower pressure control allows for a personalized shower experience tailored to individual needs and preferences. Regardless of local water pressure, the full-pressure adjustment showerhead ensures a consistent experience. Various flow patterns and pressure settings enhance comfort and satisfaction during showers.

Unique Power Wash Mode: Great for personal showers, kids, and pets, and even for cleaning tubs and walls. The POWER WASH mode of this high pressure shower head excels in post-shower cleanups, offering a fresh experience while keeping the bathroom pristine.

High-quality Materials: This filtered showerhead is made from premium ABS plastic with a chrome finish, offering impressive durability and wear resistance. The material ensures a longer lifespan, reducing the need for frequent replacements.

Easy to Install: Featuring a sleek design, this showerhead allows for DIY installation and removal without the need for a professional plumber. It comes with a universal G1/2 thread interface. Installation takes just minutes. Professional customer support is readily available for any installation or usage issues, with a commitment to resolve within 24 hours.