Laptop Power Bank Portable Charger | AC/DC/USB-C/Wireless Battery Backup for Laptops

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Powering Professionals anywhere


AC Output



Ultimate Travel Companion

Bring your Omni 20+ everywhere. The compact rugged design makes the Omnicharge ideal for any kind of travel. It can even be brought on planes.

Fast and Flexible Recharging

The Omni 20+ can recharge at 45W from the barrel port or USB-C port and recharges in under 3 hours from nearly any source including solar.

Powerful Laptop Charging

Recharge your laptop via AC, DC, or USB-C. The Omni 20+ provides powerful solutions that can recharge your laptop in several different ways.

Omni 20

Omni 20


Swiss Army Knife Of Power Banks

With a multitude of charging options, the Omni 20+ provides you with all the ports you could ever need.

Smarter Power

Our OLED screen provides smart power readings so you can have better control of your device's power levels.

For all your devices

The Omni 20+ provides an all-in-one solution that can power most, if not all the devices a professional carries around in their busy day.

ports and features

【Power Hub For All Your Smart Devices】From laptops to cameras, drones, and smartphones, Omnicharge can keep all your devices charged up. Compact and functional.

【Extensive Features】All-In-One power solution with high powered AC, USB-C PD for laptops, Wireless charging, QC 3.0 USB-A, Adjustable DC power, pass-through charging and solar charging.

【High Powered, Fast Charging】70wh (20000mah) battery capacity. Charge safe and fast with high charging efficiency. 100 watt AC and DC, 60 watt USB-C PD, powers most smart devices including MacBook Pro and Surface Pro.

【Carry Less, Power More】Carry one cable to charge your laptop using USB-C or DC output while charging your Qi-compatible smartphone wirelessly, leave your bulky chargers at home

【Accessories】Includes a 60W USB-C charging cable. NOT INCLUDED: Fast charger and DC cables for DJI Drones, Surface, and other PC laptops sold separately.