Natural Dental Floss Picks - Eco Friendly Cruelty Free Vegan Biodegradable Compostable BPA Free Zero Waste Packaging - 200 Pack

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floss picks


natural floss picks

✔️HIGHEST QUALITY AND NATURAL CARE! Our disposable eco floss picks are made from compostable corn straw + wheat straw handle and super-strong thin mint flavored biodegradable thread featuring eco-friendly zero-waste paper packaging!

✔️SUPER STRONG & SHRED RESISTANT! Our picks are designed to easily glide between the teeth cleaning away everything stuck between and reaching even the tightest of spaces without breaking leaving the teeth sparkling clean with fresh feeling!

✔️MINT FLAVORED AND SMART PACKAGING! These 200 pack flossers come in a kraft paper box divided by 4 small 50 piece boxes inside! The mint-flavored feature will give you that final extra touch of fresh sensation and ultimate eco flossing experience!

✔️ZERO WASTE IS OUR MISSION! Green Earth is our goal! Everything from our products to our packaging is sourced with big care and consideration! Our focus and determination are fighting the waste and be a part of the solution to stop it for rocketing!

✔️100% SATISFACTION! Our flossing picks are all natural and our packaging is fully recyclable! We love using it and we know you will love it too!