Natural Loofah Sponge, Eco-Friendly Shower Exfoliating Sponges 6.5" x 6", 3 Large Scrubbers, 100% Organic and Biodegradable

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Did you know that your skin is your largest organ? Everything that you put on it is absorbed right into your system. That’s why it’s shocking to see exactly what gets put into mainstream personal care products. Even the most everyday items, like face wash, sunscreen, facial toner, and lip balm, can be filled with toxic substances. Free of plastic and anything potentially toxic or dangerous: just a simple tool to make your shower just a little better. 

Meet our BEST SELLER 3 Packs of Natural Loofah Sponge!

🍃 You Will Get 3 Sponges Egyptian Loofah Is Nature's Best Exfoliator. Natural Loofah Sponge For Women Exfoliating Sponges and LUFAS FOR MEN EXFOLIATING Are Premium Solution For Shower Because It Is Longer And Wider In Diameter (6.5 X 6 Inches) With A Looser Knit Than The Common Loofah,

Our Loofahs Provide:

-Supremely Luxurious Pore Cleansing And More Comfortable

- Remove Dry And Dead Skin - Thoroughly & Deeply Cleanse Your Pores - Boost Circulation & Revitalize Skin

- Smoothen, Refresh And Pamper Skin Our Natural Loofah body sponges for shower Are Farmed In Egypt And Are Highly Recommended By Skincare Experts For Their Thick, Flexible Fibers That Soften And Expand When Wet. They Are Unsurpassed In Their Ability To Offer Soapy Lather And Rich. Unlike Plastic Loofahs, These Shower Body Scrubbers Are BPA-Free. Loofahs Are Made From Fibrous Material Found In Gourd

-Like Tropical Fruits. The Spongy Texture Is Perfect For Exfoliating Skin To Keep It Smooth And Sleek..

Extra Uses For Our Natural Loofah Sponge

1- Lufa Can Be Used Not Only As A Bath, But Also As A DIY For Loofah Soap. You Can Cut It Into Pieces And Make Any Loofah Soap You Want To Make.
2- Loofah Can Be Used To Remove Dead Skin From The Feet, So That Your Feet Become Smooth And Tender.

Warm Notice

⭐ After Each Use, Please Rinse Your Loofahs, Dry Them To Prolong The Lifetime.