Organic Hemp Cloth Coffee Filter

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  • Sometimes, to achieve the perfect blend of sweetness and bitterness of the small, meaningful grinds of life, you have to filter what you’re getting and what you deserve carefully

  • Good thing we have one less thing to worry about — The Green Polly Reusable Coffee Filters- so you can filter your favorite coffee grounds to help you make that perfect cup of coffee.

    The Mesh size of the hemp fabric balances out the rate of dripping of coffee, thus allowing for more essentials oils to be leached out. This then results in a richer cup, with a clearer, transparent and crisp flavor- complete with the coffee’s nuances, fruity tones, subtle acidity, and just the right amount of velvety smoothness.

    This organic No.4 Reusable Hemp Cloth Coffee Filter Cone for Drip Coffee has been carefully HAND-WEAVED from a HANDPICKED batch of hemp. Hemp requires less water to grow, and it readily grows faster, making it a sustainable and renewable source compared to paper coffee filters which would need actual trees to be cut down- trees that could have grown for more years to help Earth breathe.


    Why Should You Have The Green Polly Reusable No.4 Organic and Reusable Hemp Fabric Coffee Filter?


    ● The Coffee Filter's surface naturally prevents the formation of dark spots, preventing a change in coffee flavor. Laboratory tested and rated to withstand wear and tear for over 600 washes.

    ●Flavor-neutral does not add a paper or chemical taste to coffee as paper coffee filters do. It instead accentuates the natural flavor and smoothness which each coffee bean intends to provide.

    ● Handpicked and locally weaved from sustainable farms. Embrace the zero-waste life now with our hemp cotton coffee filters!


    Why Choose the Green Polly brand?

    We follow a set of strict laboratory and manufacturing standards which are accredited by ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 for Environment Management System.