Organic Hemp Cloth Coffee Filter

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  • Reusable Hemp Coffee Filter that ACCENTUATES and BRINGS OUT the NUANCED, crisp and NATURAL FLAVOR attributes of your organic coffee beans.
  • Hemp mesh balances rate of dripping, not too fast nor too slow, optimizing the extraction of coffee bean essential oils, EMPOWERING YOU to enjoy a richer cup- complete with every subtle fruity and full bodied tone- minus the carbon sediment!
  • Our organic and locally sourced hemp cloth is ANTI-MICROBIAL and MOLD-PROOF. Save trees by cutting on paper coffee filters, and embrace the sustainable, eco-friendly, and zero-waste cone fabric coffee filter.
  • Hemp fabric is HANDPICKED and LOCALLY WEAVED from a HOMEGROWN farm, enabling us to keep prices optimized while ensuring an even superior quality.
  • These coffee filters are No. 4 Conical Pour Over Coffee Filters. To clean, simply rinse with hot water, air dry and then reuse!