Organic Bamboo Cutting Board

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Meet your trusty kitchen sidekick 

The Cookgen Extra large cutting board Hand-Crafted from 100% Natural bamboo, Long Lasting Than Any other Boards in the market and comes with juice groove, built-in handles & hanging hole, this cutting board ushers next-level versatility into your kitchen with Extra Wide & 3X sturdier design. 

  • Made from sustainably grown 100% Organic Mosso Bamboo
  • Smoother than any other board in the market
  • Made by Following Latest 4-layer technology
  • Pre-Oiled with Food Grade Mineral Oil. 
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Discover Premium Quality & Perfect Size In Play 

  • Are you tired of low quality Plastic, Bamboo, Silicone & Wood cutting boards with fake claims?
  • Are you tired of not enough working space on your cutting board?
  • What about cutting Some thing like a Turkey or Watermelon with full of juice
  • Do you hate when Fruit and vegetable juices running off all over your counter 

You will fall in love with your family brand Cookgen because we always design our products after arranging a focus group, deep research and finalize the quality grade, shape, size, thickness, & Features according to your needs.

Super spacious unique design, truly extra large and extra wide cutting board to give you more space to work on.

Extra Large Size: 18" x 12.50" x 0.75"

Perfect for carving turkey, cutting meat & Fish, prep steak, Juicy beef brisket, chopping vegetables & cutting fruits, slicing cheese, use as a serving tray, serve as a BBQ platter. Cookgen Cutting Boards designed with care to give you beautiful & natural bamboo texture that's why it is best for Food Photography as well.

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Cookgen Proud USA Brand, Quality Is Our Priority!!

Not all wood cutting boards for kitchen created equal. Most arrive full of splinters, some warp after a few uses, and others crack even after following cleaning instructions to the letter. But at Cookgen, we’ve taken the premium route. Our cutting boards are painstakingly smoothed to keep splinters at bay.

Cookgen Boards are factory seasoned / Pre-oiled to save you the hassle. This means impressive moisture resistance that significantly reduces the risk of cracking. Your knife will love these wooden cutting boards too! Whether you’re wielding a passionately crafted Gyuto, a razor-sharp Santoku, or sticking a stunning Damascus blade into a steak, Your natural bamboo cutting board will keep it sharper for longer.

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The Large Cutting Board That Does It All

When you need to carve that juicy beef brisket, it will be there for you. When you need to chop up veggies for a healthy salad, it will be anxiously waiting. When you need to impress guests with a tempting charcuterie, it will drop jaws.

You’ll love the reversible design that takes your love for cooking to the next level.

Professional Grade Large Cutting Board

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