Universal Laptop Docking Station, USB 3.0

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  • USB 3.0 Dual Display Universal Docking Station

    USB 3.0 Universal Laptop Docking Station Dual Monitor for Windows and Mac (Dual Video: HDMI and DVI/VGA/HDMI, Gigabit Ethernet, Audio, 6 USB Ports)

    Expand Your Workstation

    Designed for those who want a one-stop upgrade for your USB 3.0 laptop. The USB 3.0 Universal Laptop Docking Station for Windows and Mac (UD-3900) allows you to add dual monitors, and connect your peripherals, all through a single cable back to your laptop. Quickly come and go from your desk with ease. By connecting one cable to your laptop, you gain 11 extra ports of connectivity, making it easier to do more work in less time.

    Power users with dual monitors: The UD-3900 is the dock you need to maximize your productivity and your workspace. Great for business uses such as email, web applications, Microsoft office, and more. Featuring a vertical design, you can easily slip this dock between your monitors and save valuable desk space. Conveniently access the front USB and audio ports for those devices you plug and unplug everyday.

    Note: The UD-3900 will not charge your laptop and will need your external charger to provide power to your system. The UD-3900 has one HDMI port and one DVI port and we include both a DVI to VGA adapter and a DVI to HDMI adapter if needed (not compatible with DisplayPort displays). 


    Laptop Compatibility Compatible with most modern laptops and desktops running Windows 10 / 8.x / 7 and Macs with 10.14.x / 10.15.x / 11.x. The box includes a three foot long (90cm) USB 3.0 cable to connect to the dock to your laptop. Adapter sold separately to connect to USB-C systems (USBC-AF3)
    Not compatible with: macOS 10.13.x and earlier, Linux / Unix, and ARM-based Windows systems
    Monitor Compatibility Supports two high-resolution monitors up to 1920x1200 @ 60Hz. Compatible with HDMI DVI and VGA displays. Conversion to Dual-Link DVI (DL-DVI) is not supported. DisplayPort displays are not supported.
    Software Compatibility DisplayLink is a flexible and versatile technology that’s great for most users’ workflow. But there are a few scenarios where it’s not the right fit such as gaming and HDCP (copy-protected) content playback from Blu-ray/Netflix/Prime/ iTunes/Hulu/etc.
    Power and Charging This dock does not provide power to the connected laptop or tablet—the laptop will still require a separate charger.It cannot control the power of the laptop.
    USB 3.0, HDMI DVI VGA Displays, Non Charging