Kitchen Paper Towels - 2 Rolls, 100 Sheets - Heavy Duty, Eco Friendly, Biodegradable

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Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plant. It grows naturally without extra efforts, making it far better choice over using cotton or any other material. Use of tree free paper towels prevent waste of 3000 tons of paper every day and you will be unknowingly contributing in protecting eco system as well as it will save you lot more money as it is sustainable resource.

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Are you busy at work? Are you a working parent, mom of one/two/three? Do you need time for yourself rather doing household cores? Do you want to spend more time with family rather doing laundry? - with all this, do you feel its hard for you to adopt zero waste lifestyle?

We exactly know what can work best for your busy schedule and still gives you enough room to adopt green routine. Our REUSABLE & DISPOSABLE BAMBOO PAPER TOWELS are specially designed for consumers like you.

Enviro Safe Home kitchen paper towels are great combination of Regular paper towel as well as reusable paper towels. Being disposable after multiple uses offers great flexibility to directly dispose it. Also this paper towels are heavy duty, it allows you to reuse same sheet agin and agin.

This tree free bamboo towels, each sheet is reusable up to 60 times/till falls apart. Rinse it with clean water after each use and hang it for air dry. Unlike other bamboo paper towels, this doesn’t require machine washing, air drying, folding and then storing. When it starts falling apart, dump it in recycle bin or let it go with your green waste.

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Are you looking for sustainable gift option? This bamboo paper towels is the one you are looking for. It’s a great sustainable household gift for birthdays, holidays, anniversary, mother’s day, father’s day etc. Send your love, care and support to your loved ones with keeping their wellbeing, your pocket and your responsibility towards environment in mind. Support those who are living zero waste lifestyle and encourage those who wants to live zero waste lifestyle but don’t know how, your gift can give them a way to start their journey.

Following are the reasons you should choose bamboo paper towel over regular paper towels. 

  1. Highly absorbent, reusable and disposable - save 100s of dollars per months and avoid landfills
  2. They do not need machine washing, saves you time from follow up work of drying, folding and storing
  3. Heavy duty paper towels that doesn’t fall apart easily and lasts longer
  4. Gets softer after each use and gentle enough to use on skin
  5. This tree free paper towels are easy on planet as well as on consumers pocket

Enviro Safe Home is women owned small business, based in United States of America. We are very passionate about the current environmental situation and wanted to make difference by launching zero waste products that are easy on environment as well as on consumer’s pocket.

We understand consumer’s struggle choosing between environment and pocket. Usually green products are expensive and not affordable for everyone, hence it is hard for consumers to opt for product that is safe for their family as well as easy on environment since such products are super heavy on their pocket. We understood pain point of consumers and decided to launch a brand that offers only high quality, tree free products that are sustainable as well as affordable so that everyone can afford it, use it and contribute in saving planet.

We are committed to bring in more and more tree free products at affordable rate, we spend hours in researching, designing and sourcing products that are top in quality, durability and sustainability.

As a consumer, you can do your part by responsibly using more and more green products without damaging environment any further.

Let’s make a difference together!!