Large Pistachios Roasted & Unsalted in Shell

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  • ✅SODIUM-FREE FOOD - Crack open these deliciously roasted pistachios in shell and get ready to indulge in a healthy, nutty snacking experience free of sodium, preservatives & artificial ingredients.
  • ✅ALL IMPORTANT NUTRIENTS - Sincerely Nuts pistachios are loaded with essential minerals: Potassium, Copper, Manganese & Phosphorous. Plus, pistachios are one of the most Vitamin B6 rich foods around!
  • ✅LOW CALORIE SNACK - At just 156 calories per 1 oz serving, pistachios are an incredible low calorie option to replace chips and snack foods. And, they're high in protein (6g) and dietary fiber (3g).
  • ✅MOUTHWATERING RECIPES - Discover your new favorite nut with tons of great recipes from granola yogurt bowls & breakfast scones to pistachio stuffing’s and our awesome pistachio salad recipe below!
  • ✅KOSHER QUALITY - Sincerely Nuts is committed to the highest quality sourcing and harvesting processes. Our pistachios are perfectly packaged for freshness at our new state-of-the-art facility.