Smart Wireless Meat Thermometer with 2 Ultra-Thin Probes

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PERFECTLY COOK 2 FOODS AT ONE TIME: This set of 2 thermometers takes away the guesswork with individual time and temperature tracking for 2 different foods simultaneously.

UNLIMITED WIRELESS RANGE: Long-range connectivity means you can remotely monitor cooking while chatting with friends and family and still get a perfectly cooked meal.

QUAD SENSORS: Get maximum cooking accuracy from any angle with 3 internal and 1 ambient sensor.

PROTECT YOUR PROTEIN: Ultra-thin design keeps proteins intact and juices inside for perfectly cooked meat every time.

AUDIBLE AND VISUAL REMINDERS: Hear reminders from the charging hub speaker and get app notifications for real-time internal temperature updates, flip reminders, rest indicators, estimated time left, and more.

HOURS OF USE WITH MINUTES OF CHARGING: This indoor-outdoor thermometer is ready when you need it with 40+ hours of use from a 10-minute charge or charge for 1 minute and get hours of use.

COOKING PRESETS: Get help setting optimal cooking times for various foods with choices for meat, cut, and doneness right on the CHEF iQ App, or choose from hundreds of delicious recipes.

SAFE FOR HIGH HEAT: Safe for temperatures up to 752°F for use in an air fryer, deep fryer, slow cooker, grilling, BBQ, oven, sous-vide, smoking, rotisserie, or convection oven thermometer.

EASY-CLEANING: Waterproof and dishwasher-safe probes allow you to soak or toss in with other kitchen dishes for simplified cleanup.