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    Do you spend a lot of time working outdoors or in an environment where injuries are common, and often find you don't have the full range of first aid equipment to deal with a range of potential problems, quickly and with little hassle?

    IF so, We have created the perfect first aid kit for you!


    • Small and lightweight so you can carry it with you anywhere you go, or leave it at home, or in your car.
    • Complete so you have the emergency essentials you need and want.



    It comes with 500pcs good quality items, exactly what you need for pretty much any minor emergency:

    Outdoor survival kits-20pcs:

    1xEmergency Blanket; 2xGlow Stick (12 hours); 1xFlashlight(1 AA Battery Needed(Not Included)); 1xParacord Bracelet; 1xStainless Steel Saber Card; 1xFolding Knife; 1xFire Starter; 1xDisposable Poncho;1xPocket Bellow; 1xTinfoil (30x30cm); 1xFirestarting Stick; 1xCandle; 1xWire Saw; 1xParachute Cord; 1xMetal Buckle; 1xWhistle; 1xWaterproof Case; 1xWater Bottle Buckle

    First aid kits-466pcs:

    100xAlcohol Pad; 100xAdhesive Bandage; 100xAlcohol Swab; 5xKnuckle Bandage; 5xFingertip Bandage; 3xSterile Gauze Pad; 5xSting Relief Pad; 2xDisposable PVC Gloves; 1xFirst Aid Tape; 1x Burn Dressing; 1xScissors; 2xPBT Bandage; 1xCPR Mask; 1xMetal Tweezers; 20xSafety Pins; 100xCotton Ball; 2xPovidone-lodine Prep Pad; 1xTriangular Bandage; 15xJunior Bandage; 1xInstant Ice Pack

    Fishing Tools-10pcs:

    2xFishing Hooks; 1xFishing Lines; 2xFishing Weights; 2xFishing Floats; 2xFishing Swivels; 1xBait


    1xTactical EMT Molle Bag; 1xUSA Flag Tactical Patch; 1xRed Cross Sticker; 1xFirst Aid Booklet

    gifts for men survival kit