Biodegradable Wet Wipes - Large Pack 32 Count

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    At Surviveware, we think preparedness, we live survival, we care about the environment. Our wet wipes are loved by thousands of travelers and campers all around the world. They're great on all skin types and have no scent. Best of all, they degrade naturally. If you find yourself on the trails and nature calls, simply bury them and nature will take care of the rest.

  • Large Pack Wipes


    Unlike other wipes that dry out your skin, it will keep skin nourished and refreshed for longer.


    Our unique recipe is gentle enough for sensitive skin, yet strong enough for the mud-caked mountain biker! This means they can be used on adults, kids, and even pets without worrying about irritations. The last thing needed on the trails is a nasty irritation.

  • Why Buy It Now?
  • UNSCENTED. Because our wet wipes are Unscented, you'll be able clean yourself from head to toe without smelling like a daffodil. The goal is removing grime and odors, not drowning in cheap perfume.

  • PERFECT FOR POSTERIOR PAMPERING! Let's be honest, while out in the woods you will need to do a number two. These wipes are perfectly moistened to ensure your comfort. Now, you can do your "business" and clean up in style. Keep the monkey butt at bay!

  • NOT BABY WIPES! The problem with most baby wipes is they shouldn't be left behind after use. Our wipes solve this problem. Why? Because our camping wipes are 100% biodegradable and start to decompose after 28 days and can take up to 6 months to a year to fully degrade, which is far shorter than 100 years for baby wipes as they contain almost indestructible plastics. Leave no trace behind and always take your trash with you, but if you can't, bury them with peace of mind.

    EFFECTIVE! Unlike normal baby wipes, Surviveware's wipes are large and rugged. Each wipes is 8" x 12", meaning you can you a single cloth to clean your entire body when there are no showers in sigh.

  • MULTIPLE USES! When on the road, having multi-functional equipment is key. You can use our wipes to clean the kids' hands, faces and even cooking equipment.

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