Eco-Friendly Max Distance Golf Balls, 1 Dozen

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  • The Wind golf ball is the right choice for golfers with slower swing speeds, like junior players, new players, or senior players. Wind balls have a firm cover, which creates a straighter, longer shot that optimizes distance while controlling spin. Expect a more modest trajectory and maximum roll, providing the longest possible shot from a slower swing. The Wind ball is perfect for players with swing speeds in the 60-80 MPH range, with handicaps of 20+. 

    Not only will the Wind golf ball make the most of your game, it also makes the most of our environment. The Golf company prides itself on producing high-performance, eco-friendly golf products. All balls, equipment, apparel, and packaging are made of 100% recyclable materials.

  • Golf has created the world's first high-performance golf balls Unlike some Golf Ball Brands that use harsh heavy-metal pollutants

  • It has 428 Monster dimple pattern for ultimate distance and accuracy

  • Resilient Eco-cover for maximum durability and spin control

  • Densified precast green core generates extra recoil for even greater distance

  • They are 100% recyclable and made from reprocessable materials Even the packaging is made from 100 percent recycled material