Zero Waste Cleaning Set - Dish Soap Bar Brick, Eco Friendly Bamboo Brush, Cleaning Supplies Sustainable Product

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This is a natural zero waste solid dish soap dishwashing cleaning set. This makes the perfect eco friendly gift for anyone who enjoys natural kitchen cleaning. A great plastic free alternative to those plastic brushes, sponges, and soap dishes. Biodegradable cleaning tools will decompose beautifully back into soil, better for us and the environment. 

100% Natural and Biodegradable

Vegan and all natural ingredients

ENTIRE SET: (#1-7)
1) One Solid Dish Soap Bar/ Brick - (10-11oz)
2) One Dish Cleaning Beech wood Brush - Long Handle (9.1")
3) One Yellow Bristle Short Bamboo Brush (2.8x3.15")
4) One Brown bristle Heavy Duty Short Bamboo Brush (2.8x3.15")
5) One Bamboo Fiber Starch Soap Dish (5x3.4")
6) One All natural Coconut Shell and husk scourer cleaning sponge (2.75x4.5")
7) One Oval Duo Sisal and Coconut Husk Bamboo Brush (5.5x3")

Dish Soap Choice of Scent


Beech and bamboo Wood Handle brushes.
Tampico or coconut bristles.
Coconut fiber husk scourer sponge
Starch Bamboo Dish

Rub on dish soap bar in circular motion until desired amount of soap is reached and brush.

=== CARE === 
After each use, rinse with mild detergent and air dry with the bristles facing down. Do not put it in the dishwashing machine or soak it in water. It will damage or may cause the natural wood to expand, causing the wood to crack. Keep away from the fire. After cleaning dishes, always pour out the water from the dish to extend its life. Avoid using a scourer to scrub the soap dish. To sanitize brushes and sponges, wash with baking soda, rinse, and dip the bristles in boiling water for 21 seconds. The sponge is dishwasher safe. 

=== DISPOSAL ===

Metal parts should be removed; wood, bristles, and the soap rack are all 100% compostable.

Recycled paper. Plastic-Free

=== NOTE ===

Due to the natural bamboo material, every brush is unique and has its own beautiful grain patterns. Short brushes: there may be no or little smell like grass, earth, or jungle, that comes from the bamboo core and outer coconut shell or tampico vegetable fibers. The natural smell is normal and will go away after some usage. 

The towel, mat, bottle, loofah sponge, and mason jar shown in the picture are not included. 
=== ALLERGY ===

It contains tree nuts as well as coconut. Use gloves as needed to protect your hands.


If an allergic reaction or irritation occurs, discontinue use. Products with natural ingredients can cause allergic reactions as well, such as fruits, nuts, herbs, and flowers. Natural essential oils or fragrance oils may cause allergic reactions in people that have unusually sensitive skin.