Reuse, Reduce, Recycle: Join the Worldwide Campaign!

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The department of environment had been focusing their campaign towards environmental conservation and awareness through different means such as planting trees, waste segregation, reuse, reduce, and recycling as a way to save our planet.

We can’t deny the fact that in today’s modern world, people had are more focused on making a living that they tend to forget simple things such as waste segregation has a huge impact to our environment. Imaging all the plastic wraps, plastic and styro to go boxes and cups, they all go to landfills where they sit there for a long time waiting for decomposition, sadly, it takes hundred if not thousands of years before they get decomposed.

This is where Reuse, Reduce, and Recycle come in place. As a good citizen, caring for our environment should be included in our priorities. There are so many ways on how we can live with the 3Rs of the environment.

These 3Rs aim to cut down the amount of waste that we throw away on a daily basis. Wondering how we can achieve a cleaner and greener environment? How do we do that?

Check out these simple yet very helpful tips that could help cut down wastes and save our planet by simply applying the 3Rs.




In its simple terms how do we reduce the amount of waste materials in our home? Thinking of ways from the moment that we go on a shopping store or a grocery store already have an impact on how we can reduce waste matters at home. What can we do then? Here is a list on how to reduce garbage at home.

  • Avoid buying disposable styro plates, cups, spoon, forks, and napkins. Styro materials are hard to decompose.
  • Purchase only when needed but male sure that they are made from biodegradable and Eco-friendly materials or papers that can be decomposed quickly.
  • Use table towels or cloth napkins that can be washable, so you are reducing the amount of disposable table napkins.
  • When buying your stuff, as much as possible, do not buy things that are wrapped on plastic. Always go for paper. Imaging the plastic pouch, bag, or container will just go to waste after opening the product.
  • Rather than printing a lot of documents, try to be paper-less by using emailing system as a means of communication.
  • If you have the need to print something, use the other side as well, you are reducing the number of sheets that you use while reducing the amount of trees being cut just for those papers.
  • If you kept on getting different letters in the mail that are not that important, send them a message to stop sending you letters because those will just add on to your garbage.

Eco friendly



There are various means on how we can reuse items that are no longer needed. Bring out the creativity in you and create wonderful ideas on how you can reuse old products, clothing, furniture, toys and many more. Here are some simple ways on how we can reuse items.

  • Donate old toys to other kids, check out some orphanage in your area and ask if they are willing to accept a bunch of toys so that other kids can still enjoy playing with them.
  • Pot and jam jar etc. can be used for your preserved veggies or fruits.
  • You can reuse old newspapers for other art papier Mache or can be used to pack glasses and vase when you are moving from another place.
  • Kids would love to have a swing at your back garden, turn those old tires into a swing or garden bed for flowering plants.
  • If you have a lot of scattered wood or tree leaves at your back garden, use them as compost, do not collect them and throw away since they will decompose faster, it would be better if you put them on a compost pit and use them later for your garden. Large tree trunks can also be sued in making sculptures.
  • Donate old books, clothes, bags, and other things that you no longer use which other people may benefit from.
  • Use Eco bags that you can clean and reuse multiple times.

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This is where most companies, government. And other private institutions who aim to eradicate all of the waste materials that we have thrown away on the dumpsite. Recycling is a process of transforming old items into something new. Something that is organic, something that can be made in to another for that is deem essential.  Here are some of the most practical ways on how to recycle waste materials into something creative.


  • As much as possible, buy recycled, organic, or Eco-friendly products. By doing so, you are helping the environment. Buying recycled items means lessening the percentage of raw materials being taken out of our environment. For example instead of buying fresh new papers, opt for recycled papers.
  • When buying your grocery, opt for items that doesn’t not give you too much clutter. Instead of buying plastic containers, buy jars that you know you can use them for something else.
  • Burning plastic is not only hazardous on our health but also has a huge impact on our ozone layer. Recycling plants have something to work on those plastic materials, try to collect them and send them to recycling plants.
  • Try to think of some more ways on how you can recycle old stuff on your home in order to create them into something new and useful.


Caring for our environment should be a concern of everyone. What can you do in order to help save our planet? Share us your thoughts!


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