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Have you been searching for means on how you can help the environment? Or do you belong to those few individuals who doesn’t even care what happens to their surroundings? It’s a sad reality that more and more people are becoming too busy in earning money that they forget to enjoy little things that matters most.

Together with their goals to earn a lot of money, they need to work in a fast-paced environment where everything is done quickly – instant food, to go plastic wraps, plastic cups, plastic produce bags, styro food containers and so on. Modernization brought with it so much wastes. A lot of this garbage is being dump in landfills but many are also improperly handled and ruin our environment.


Why do we even need to care for the environment?

Who would want to live in a filthy and unhealthy environment? Of course nobody. Staying in a clean environment is one of the most important and essential requirement for a healthy living. If each and every one of us don’t care, imagine what will happen to it. It will become overly polluted with garbage and contaminants.

Widespread of various diseases such as respiratory illnesses, cancer, skin problems, and many more. This is because our environment will be full of toxins. Land will become useless because we can no longer plant healthy vegetables, rice, wheat, fruits and other plants which is the main source of our food.

Unhealthy Environment

Bodies of water when polluted has a huge impact on our diet as well. We get nutrition from the fish and other sea creatures that we consume. Can you eat a fish that has a lot of toxin in them? I guess not! Now is the right time for us to do something and help save our planet. Without it, we will also become extinct.

Environmental protection calls for a massive outcry. It has been asking our help and giving signs such as strong storm surges, unpredictable weather or sudden climate change. As years pass by, we notice that the weather is changing. Our planet is becoming a catch basin for heat from the sun because trees are cut down.

We need to protect the environment. Human being and other forms of animals – we all depend on our planet. It is our duty, our responsibility, our moral obligation to help save and care for our environment. Want to breathe fresh air? Then plant trees! Make your surroundings clean and green! Stop buying food wrapped in plastic.


What can we do in order to help our environment?

Simple things like buying eco-friendly products, planting trees, properly disposing your thrash are some of the things that we can do. Organic and eco-friendly products such as Eco Bags, handmade products that are made from organic materials, eco-friendly clothing, home and garden items that are safe for the environment, crafts that are made from nature, health and beauty products that are organic and a lot more.



Buying only organic and Eco-friendly products has a huge impact on our environment. Most of the things that we do at home can cause potential harm such as using too much chemicals. It’s not only harmful to our health but the more it hurts our environment.


Instead of using plastic disposable containers such as styro plates, cups and plastic wares, go for organic and Eco-friendly materials. Eco Trade Company offer a wide range of sustainable environment friendly products that are guaranteed safe for our environment with proper use and disposal.


What Can You Do?

Check out these simple yet valuable information that we share so that you know how you can contribute to saving the planet.

  • Using Eco Bags or reusable bags. Always carry with you a reusable Eco bag and refrain from using plastic bags since plastic bags takes so many years before they are decomposed.
  • If you have to use a plastic bag because that is the option that you have, be sure to re-use it and do not throw it away.
  • When you are in the office, rather than printing a lot of memo and passing around, go for a paperless environment instead. Use email or other office software. Using a lot of papers means cutting down a lot of trees.
  • Cans, bottles, old newspapers and magazines can be recycled.
  • Waste segregation is one of the most important thing that we can do at home. Plastic materials, bottles, papers and the like can be sold at junk shops for recycling. Organic matters such as vegetable and fruit peels can be used as compost. Always segregate garbage at home.
  • Save electricity by using energy-efficient lamps. 
  • Save water. Use glass when brushing and turn off the faucet. Reuse water used for washing to water plants and so on.
  • When buying toys for your kids, always opt for Eco-friendly materials, rag dolls which are handmade from organic fibers are better than plastic Barbie’s.
  • Select beauty products which are organic, it will be safe for you and for the environment.
  • Select home, kitchen and garden products that are 100% safe and Eco-friendly.

There are so many things that we can do in order to help save our planet and show that we care for it. By simply doing the simple things enumerated above will have a huge impact in environmental conservation. Let us help one another in making our plant clean and green.

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