20 Tips to Reduce Waste this Holiday Season

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Do you ever wonder how much extra waste is created during the winter holiday season? Sadly, Americans throw away 25% more trash during Thanksgiving to New Year's holiday period than any other time of the year. The extra waste amounts to 25 million tons of garbage or about 1 million extra tons per week!

In order to help provide a solution to this problem, we have collected these top 20 ways on how we can reduce trash from Thanksgiving to New Years’ Day.


Gift Giving

  • Instead of giving toys or any other items that will just end up in the trash when damaged, it is better to offer other things such as baked goodies, fresh fruits or vegetables, or even offer to do some chores for the people you love. Buy things on local markets, estate sales, antique shops, or even at a local food bazaar to get some special gifts that are either reusable or biodegradable
  • Gifts like certificates or tickets for a free massage, meal at a restaurant or watch a movie could also be a waste of less gift
  • Give sturdy items that will last a long time just like this eco-friendly wood watch. 

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  • When giving gifts, put them on reusable shopping tote bags that they can reuse in so many ways.

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  • Start donating toys, stuffed toys, books, and clothes to shelter or charity. If your kids have a lot of these things that they no longer want, you may give them to charity.
  • For gift-giving, we also offer so many wonderful eco-friendly items that you will surely love just like these items.


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Cards and Invitations


  • The great thing about today is that almost everyone is up to date online with what is happening with their friends, family member and even with another person because of the presence of social media and gadgets. Invitations and cards can be created and sent online which will reduce paper wastes.
  • If there is a need for you to send out invitation cards, you may still do so, and still care for our environment by avoiding those cards that has plastic lamination, foil, or any other non-biodegradable and non-compostable materials. Always opt for biodegradable and compostable items.



  • When you are hosting a holiday event or party, avoid using disposable Styrofoam plates or paper with laminated plastic covers because they could harm our environment when they are not properly disposed of and recycled. Use only those compostable and biodegradable plates.




  • Rather than throwing away left-over food, candies, giveaways during events and parties, give them away to your guests.

Gift Wrap


  • When it comes to packing and designing your gifts, you don’t need fancy, shiny and extravagant shiny gift wrap colors because it’s always the thought that counts. You may use an eco-friendly shopping bag, scraps of fabric, and even some items at your home such as buttons, paper wrappers and so on.

  • When making decorations for your gift wrap, add some gift tags from cut-out papers using pinking shears so that it has fancy edges.
  • Aside from using reusable gift wraps, you may also use reusable gift boxes and gift bags that are ecofriendly.
  • A great way to pack gifts this holiday season is to use a Gift Wrap that grows and blooms colorful wildflowers, check out the link below.


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  • Ribbons, bows or ecofriendly string ties can also be used but be sure to reuse them when possible.

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  • If you are planning on buying a Christmas tree, we suggest that you buy a potted tree that you can put on your yard. Not only that it helps with pollution, but you can also decorate them as long as they live. Or if you do not like a live potted tree, you may also buy an artificial tree but be sure to select those durable types that could last a long time so that you can reuse them.




  • Nature ornaments like pine cones, barks, twigs, or any other old fashioned garlands are still in giving your home a homey feeling.




Shopping Bags


  • One of the major sources of wastes is single-use plastic bags. We can reduce wastes not only this holiday season but the entire year by simply using a reusable and eco-friendly shopping bag.




The holiday season is the time where we cook festive dishes, prepare sumptuous meals for our family, and bake candies, cakes, or goodies too for us to enjoy the warmth of the holiday season. How do we reduce kitchen wastes during the holidays?

  • Use reusable cutlery or disposable and compostable sugarcane bagasse plates or bamboo fiber plates and bamboo cutlery sets. This is a guilt-free way to use disposable dining sets that causes no harm to our environment. Many plant-based dining sets and now being promoted for their eco-friendly benefits. 
  • Rather than using paper napkins, use cloth napkins that you can reuse and wash over time. It saves us from buying paper napkins and avoid trees from being cut down since all paper products mostly come from trees.
  • Nowadays, there are also eco-friendly cups, compostable straws, plant-based soup bowls and so on that we can use to prepare and serve food in a more eco-friendly way.

Aside from these 20 ways to reduce wastes this holiday season, there are still more ways for us to help reduce wastes and save our environment.  We suggest that you try to live with this advice and join us in our endeavor to save our planet.



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