Disposable Coffee Cups vs Reusable Coffee Mugs

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In the US alone, the obsession with coffee has led to an extra 25 billion coffee cups thrown away yearly with the majority of them not being recycled. Thousands of coffee cups are thrown into the recycling bin in the USA every day. This is brought by having a busy lifestyle where people just order “to go” coffee when they leave their homes for work.


Whether you’re a fan of latte, cappuccino, macchiato, brewed, straight black or even the classic flat white. There is no denying, USA’s love their morning coffee on the go. While some people have reusable coffee cups handy during the morning rush, the majority of coffee drinkers opt for the fast and easy “disposable” coffee cup to hold their morning brew.


We might think that there’s nothing wrong with this daily routine of ordering “to go” coffee in disposal plastic cups or styrofoam coffee cups but single-use disposable cups are often one of the leading causes of pollution, they stay on landfills or ocean for hundreds of years. Sadly, only a few percentages are being recycled.


What if you could reduce your trash by using a reusable coffee mug? Will you help nature? Will you help save our environment from pollution caused by single-use disposable styrofoam and plastic cups? Of course, you can and you will. It’s a must for all of us to be responsible and help nature in our own little ways.


Let’s start making a difference, one coffee at a time. Ditch single-use styrofoam and plastic cups and think reusable! We have selected these eco-friendly reusable coffee mugs for you and together. Let’s start making a difference in helping our environment.


Bamboo Fiber Travelling Coffee Cup


Bamboo is a fast-growing renewable, recyclable resource. Bamboo fiber traveling coffee cups are high quality, long-lasting, reusable and renewable. Healthy and safe traveling coffee cups made from the bamboo fiber are healthy and safe for the whole family. They are non-toxic and BPA free.


BPA is a toxic chemical found in many plastics products and can cause a range of health conditions such as reproductive disorders, heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. So not only are bamboo traveling coffee mugs better for the environment, but they are also better for your health.


Durable, long-lasting and comfortable to use- Bamboo Fiber coffee mugs are durable and long-lasting. They are dishwasher safe and include a screw-on bamboo fiber lid to prevent any leaks. The travel mug is odorless and tasteless and also includes a silicone grip, so you don’t burn your fingers from the heat of your hot beverage. The cup is the perfect way to enjoy a coffee or hot beverage!


Make the switch to Bamboo Fiber coffee mugs. By switching to an affordable recyclable reusable bamboo fiber travel mug you can significantly reduce your environmental waste and make a difference to the environment. Making the switch is easy and affordable, join the eco revolution today and reduce your plastic consumption by purchasing a bamboo fiber traveling coffee cup.




Coffee to go Cup Made Bamboo Coffee Mug


The Coffee-to-Go mug is a durable and reusable mug. It helps protect the environment by actively reducing waste. They are made of bamboo fibers and cornstarch. It is durable and dishwasher-safe and not only feels very comfortable and light, but is also odorless and tasteless.

It’s a great gift idea, not just because it helps the environment, but also because of the modern and beautiful patterns.

The cover is made of safe silicone and prevents the liquid from leaking. The silicone grip ring also provides additional protection against heat. This makes the travel mug an indispensable companion for the coffee lover.

The capacity is 400 ml (13.5 fl oz). The weight including cover and grip ring is a feather-light 148 grams. The reusable cup is about 13 cm high and the diameter is about 9 cm at the top and about 5.5 cm at the base. Not Microwave safe.




Coffee Mugs Stainless Steel


The tumbler is made of the highest quality premium 304 stainless steel, lightweight and durable, unbreakable, rust-free or leaves the weird taste with your drink. And the ergonomic design is easy to hold on your casual daily life.


This reusable to-go coffee mug with lips is perfect for gift giving as they add a touch of modern elegance to any occasion. Double-wall vacuum insulated perfection in a stemless wine tumbler made from lifelong stainless steel can keep the beverage of the insulated coffee mug warmer or cooler for a long period, keep hot up to 5 hours and cold up to 9 hours. 13oz capacity, modern curved design comfortably fits in your hand.


Travel coffee mug includes an eco-friendly flap opening that makes drinking one-handed a breeze. The tight clip seal on the Flip Lid helps prevent splashing and spilling. Drink hole on the top for easy sipping and straw friendly, portable for your favorite coffee, lemonade or health care habit of tea at home or working away at your desk




Classic 17oz Thermos Coffee Cup


Item is suitable for travelers, commuters, students, or camping activities. It can be used for baby milk powder at night because the insulation can last for 10 hours.

Leak-proof lid features an airtight spill-proof on cap lined with rubber on the lids inside to create a vacuum seal. A combine insulated thermal bottle is crafted with double-walled stainless steel. It features a two-process combination so it can keep liquid hot or water cool for 10 hours.

The outside of the cup is made of Matte rubber material, which protects hands from heat. It is the perfect design for children's safety. At the same time make the product more beautiful for an easy grip.

Vacuum seal with absolutely no water leakage so you can throw it in your kid’s sports bag or backpack for a hike outdoors, or take it to yoga class, or take it to go to work without worrying about leaks.




20oz Tumbler with Lid


Double-Wall vacuum technology to keep drinks hot for over 6 hours and cold for around 24 hours.

The tumbler is made from high quality 18/8 304 food-grade stainless steel. Lead-free and durable. Rust-proof, easy wash and unbreakable.

Sweatproof, easy-grip, the advanced technology prevents heat transfer to the outer wall, condensation free and long-lasting. Electropolished inside delivers an elegant look. Designed for car cup holders.

BPA free sliding lid, eco-friendly and splash-proof. Extra sealed and the lid cover provide the maximum splash-proof capability. Drink hole on the top for easy sipping. Straw friendly.





Reusable Coffee Cup with Lid

Frankie Cups complement your busy lifestyle. They are the smart, portable way for you to take your tea or coffee on the run. Also, perfect for children to avoid spills in the house, car and for when you just don't have time to stop.

Reusable- Saving you money and the environment. Frankie Cups can be used over and over again. Frankie Cups are lightweight and durable. Designed to be long-lasting, Frankie Cups are valued for money without compromising quality. The environmental conscience that many of your favorite coffee shops/cafes have developed, means that you are often rewarded financially by supplying your own 'to-go cup'.

Silicon lid and non-slip, heat protection band- A convenient soft, silicone coffee cup lid with raised 'sippy' hole/opening reduces the risk of spills and makes for easy, comfortable drinking on the go. The silicone non-slip, coffee cup sleeve makes drinks easier to carry.

Stylish and eco-friendly- Designed as a travel mug that looks good and highlights your individual style, Frankie Cups are made from organic eco-friendly bamboo fiber (a globally sustainable resource). These reusable coffee mugs have no unpleasant smell or taste like synthetic plastics can and are recyclable.




All-Beverage Travel Tumbler


Streamline your life with a beautifully-made, sustainable, all-purpose beverage flask. The naturalist is the only travel beverage container you’ll ever need – a combination of tea infuser, coffee thermos, cold brew coffee maker, fruit water infuser, sports water bottle, and more.

Enjoy more versatility. The naturalist's innovative stainless steel two-way filter is perfect for brewing hot and cold tea and cold-brewed coffee and filtering fruit-infused water. Standard infusers have 1mm holes – ours are .5mm for a more refined brew.

Savor smart, functional design. The naturalist's extra-large design holds 500 ml (17 oz.) and is exquisitely crafted with a premium stainless steel interior and all-natural bamboo exterior. All earth-friendly materials, 100% BPA-free, non-toxic, and resistant to stains, odors, and corrosion. The slim-line design fits all car cup holders.

Be kind to yourself and the earth. Take on the throw-away cup culture. Using the naturalist every day instead of a disposable cup can save up to 23 lbs. of trash every year and 88 lbs. of CO2 emissions.





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