2 Things That You Should Never Throw Out!

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Plastic bags and plastic bottles tend to disrupt our environment in a massive and serious way. When these plastic matters get into the soil, they slowly release toxic chemicals and pollutants. Eventually, they will break down into the soil, and sadly as these particles are released freely in nature and broken into tiny pieces, marine and wildlife animals mistake them as food causing them to choke and die.

Green alternatives and recycling can help ease the strain on our environment. Here are some green Eco-friendly and reusable Eco Trade Company products that we can use and reuse for lifetime.Plastic bags and bottles mean nothing but bad news for the environment, but you can help the strain on the Earth by choosing green alternatives from Eco Trade Company.Plastic bags and plastic bottles won't rot or biodegrade – microorganisms that break down other waste, such as paper and wood, don't recognize polyethylene as food. They end up sitting everywhere for thousands of years if they are not handled properly.




EcoBox - ZERO WASTE STARTER KIT. Eco Friendly Gift using Zero Waste Products

This zero waste starter kit will help you become the Zero Waste Hero you were always born to be! Everything in this box is either reusable, biodegradable, and/or recyclable.  So what's inside your Eco Box?


1 X 4 Piece Stainless Steel Straw Set eco-friendly, dishwasher safe, comes with 1 x cleaning brush, 1 x straight straw, 1 x bent straw 1 x smoothie straw.

1 X Reusable/Recyclable Storage Box the ultimate zero waste packaging, this is totally zero waste as this box has lots of uses such as a lunch box, cosmetics box, travel case etc.  

1 X Biodegradable Travel Cup/Drink Bottle (both hot and cold liquid use)

1 X Biodegradable Bamboo Tooth Brush and Bamboo Travel Case are made from long lasting biodegradable bamboo.

1 X Organic Cotton Reusable Grocery String Bag which will last for hundreds of grocery visits.

3 X Beeswax Food Wraps (Small, Med and Large) is great for food storage. Sticks easily to bowls, or use to store snacks and sandwiches (great for bread storage).




CaterEco Square Palm Leaf Plates Set (50 Pack)


Unlike other palm leaf plates that easily break under hefty meals or leak when used to serve saucy dishes, the Cater Eco palm leaf dinnerware set is crafted using premium leaves for an extra-sturdy result. This means you won’t have to deal with messy accidents at your party, and the heavy duty design also treats you to microwave-safe convenience. Palm Leaf Plates. Eco biodegradable leaves.

Our disposable plates completely steer away from chemicals that leech into food or binders that compromise biodegradability. This palm leaf plates set biodegrades faster than others in approximately 60 days, is fully recyclable, and safely burnable, making it ideal for disposal in fire pits at summer camps or lodges. Disposable plates.

Give your outdoor party a unique touch with this handcrafted palm leaf dinnerware. Crafted by experienced artisans exclusively using palm leaves that have naturally dropped to the ground, these disposable party plates spruce up any setting with their earthy look, eye-catching palm leaf patterns and a lovely blend of color. Square natural dishware.

Get the best bang for your buck with our 50-piece palm leaf disposable plates set. It includes (25) 10” disposable dinner plates and (25) 7” disposable salad plates. Whether you’re looking for plates to serve your guests at a wedding, porch party, luau, barbecue, or take with you on that camping trip, these palm leaf party plates blend convenience and value. Palm leaf dinnerware. Plates.




7 piece Bamboo Utensils | Eco Friendly Flatware Set | Bamboo Cutlery Set


You don’t need to worry about BPA and other chemicals. This bamboo cutlery set is made for 100% bamboo utensils it natural and health for your family! The lightweight creamy-white pouch keeps the7 bamboo travel utensils together and is easy to carry. This travel cutlery set is perfect for travelling.

Bamboo has incredible tensile strength, making this wooden cutlery set reliable and long lasting. The eco-friendly flatware set can be put in the dishwasher and reused many times. Though we recommend hand-washing for longer life.




AlphaOutdoors Collapsible Water Bottle - Leak & Shatter Proof Design-BPA Free-FDA Approved-EcoFriendly-Foldable Sport Bottle for Traveling, Hiking, Camping, and Sports


Healthy and Safety Materials.  100% non-toxic materials. No plastic taste or odor. The Alpha Outdoors bottle was designed and rigorously tested for health conscious consumers. Made of all food-grade materials, free of BPA, and 100% FDA approved.

Made of high quality BPA-free, FDA approved silicone, the Alpha Outdoors Collapsible Water Bottle maintains its sturdy feel. Comes with reinforced grip so the bottle feels firm and more comfortable then others on the market.

The bottle is LIGHTWEIGHT and collapses from 8.5 inches to 4.5 inches. Fits easily in your backpack/workout bag. You can also clip it on to your bag with the carabiner. Our bottle fits all standard cup holders and is designed with a wide mouth opening for easy cleaning and can easily fit ice cubes.

It is DISHWASHER SAFE, LEAKPROOF & SHOCKPROOF making it perfect for ALL types of activities and sports such as: Hiking, Gym, Running, Beach, Camping, Skiing, Snowboarding, Festival, Travel - you name it!




Reusable Make Up Remover Pads | 16 Bamboo Removal Pads with Laundry Bag


Why you should use reusable makeup remover pads?


Our throw-away culture has become a serious problem and it’s time to change some habits and replace single-use items by more eco-friendly products! Everyone can contribute to the change our planet needs and every small action helps. Using reusable make up cloths is a simple swap to do something good for the environment and also for your wallet.


With our washable removal pads, you don’t have to give up the convenience of single-use cotton wool pads. They will keep your skin but also our planet clean!



The Bambaw Cosmetic Pads Set includes:


12 Soft Bamboo Velvet Pads (60% Bamboo, 40% Cotton)

4 Scrub Bamboo Terry Pads (70% Bamboo, 30% Cotton)

A 100% Cotton Mesh Bag


Ideal for:

Removing face and eye makeup

Cleansing your skin

All skin types, even sensitive baby skin


Why Bamboo?

It is a sustainable, naturally renewable resource

It requires only little water to grow

Bamboo fibers are antibacterial


The makeup pads are washable at 100 to 140 degrees. Check out the online user manual for the detailed washing instructions and make up removal tips.





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