Tips to Help You Have a Sustainable Winter

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Winter season brings about a raft of changes that can make our hearts drop along with the temperature. Not only can the season limit the time we spend outdoors, we also witness the annual rise in our monthly bills as we try to warm our homes and eschew walking or biking to work for driving in our toasty warm cars.

Winter storms and cold temperatures can be dangerous. It brings about a raft of changes that can make our hearts drop along with the temperature of our monthly bills as we try to warm our homes. So stay safe and healthy by planning ahead. Prepare your home and cars. Prepare for power outages and outdoor activity.


Here are a few sustainability tips for this coming winter season.


Reduce on packaging waste

All to-go wrappers and boxes that are not reusable and made from plastic or styro must be taken away. Let’s admit it, it’s hard to manage wastes products during the winter season. Let us lessen the volume of waste products by simply using some reusable items such as the following.

Reusable produce bags that we can wash and reuse in order to replace flimsy plastic bags that are immediately thrown in thrash.


Eco-friendly bags

Organic Cotton and Jute shopping bags. A completely Eco-friendly reusable starter set for zero waste farmer’s market or grocery shopping. The Best in Eco-Friendliness: natural, sustainable, organic, biodegradable, reusable, recyclable, zero waste. Made of natural jute fabric and Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS) certified organic cotton fabric for both ECOLOGY and SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY

Set of 6 bags containing the following...2 Shopping Bags: XL Canvas and Jute Tote (14 x 7 x 14 in. tall) and String Bag (holds similar volume)...2 Muslin Produce Bags: Large (12 x 15 in.) and Medium (10 x12 in.)...2 Mesh Produce Bags: Large (12 x 15 in.) and Medium (10 x12 in.)

The perfect gift for family & friends, for those who love zero-waste, or for those who need a little help getting started




BPA-Free, reusable, and Eco-friendly water bottles 

Brimma Premium Sports Bottle flip-top lid lets you take a quick drink while you run, workout or in the middle of the game. 100% leak proof lid to prevent leaks and spills. It's a MUST HAVE! 100% non-toxic and BPA free. Made from high quality durable Eastman Tritan copolyester toxin free food grade plastic that can hold up to tough conditions. Environmentally friendly, recyclable, reusable, refillable, and shatterproof giving you a healthy and less expensive option than bottled water making it the PERFECT GIFT for that active someone on the go.

The Brimma Sports Bottle includes a convenient carrying lanyard handle strap that lets you wear your bottle on your wrist or attach it to your belt or bag, so you can take it anywhere. The one click spill proof lid will swing opens easily with the push of a button with one hand. Easy to clean and TOP-RACK DISHWASHER SAFE.




Reusable sandwich wrap



Looking for a practical and safe way of making sure your food is stored in optimal conditions ? Would you like to replace aluminum and plastic foil when it comes to food covers? This certified beeswax wrap is the perfect solution!

These reusable food wraps are made from superior quality, extra-durable cotton, natural plant wax, natural coconut oil and tree resin, a special blend which is 100% safe, non-toxic, and biodegradable!

3-PACK SET: Order these beeswax wraps and you’ll receive a convenient set of 3 wraps, variously sized for all your needs: large (13 x 13 inch), medium (10 x 10 inch), small (7 x 7 inch).

Practical & eco-friendly. These multipurpose food wraps are natural and environmentally friendly, being easy to wash and 100% reusable on the long term. The packaging is made from recycled paper and biodegradable as well!




Energy efficiency at home

There are so many alternatives out there when it comes to heating your home on winter months. We can make our home cozy and warm things up by ensuring your house is properly insulated.  Another tip is to shut off areas which don't need heating.  Also, we can put the curtains down once the sun goes down to trap the heat inside. In order to save on electricity, learn more about using solar panels too. There are also solar lights that we can use outside our garden to maximize energy efficiency.


We hope these tips will help you to practice Eco-friendly travel with our suggestions acting as inspiration on additional practices you can incorporate into your travel plans.


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