Nonslip Bathtub Shower Mat Extra Soft Eco Friendly 30x17 Inches

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  • Our Eco Bath Mat - Your best bath shower Partner!

    bath mat for tub for kids

    Bath Tub Mat is Cushioned and Comfortable, You Will Love it! You, your kids, your parents, and the elderly or disabled will be revitalized while bathing or showering with the most comfortable bathtub mat there is. Our non-slip rubber bath mat is something you can rely on, to fully enjoy your bath or shower! 

    Tips to install firmly: 

    1. Ensure you're applying the bath mat on a clean and smooth surface.
    2. Be sure the tub or shower is clean and free of any dirt, oils, or any shower products before use.
    3. Moisten the tub/shower floor using water before placing the mat down. Use your weight to firmly press the mat onto the tub or shower floor in order to be sure all of the suctions hold.
    4. Once your mat is firmly in place, step on to the mat carefully, use grab bars or the edge of the tub to be sure the mat is completely in place by stepping 8 to 10 places on the mat.