100 Eco-Friendly Wooden Cutlery Sets 6.75 Inch

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These wood cutlery sets are made from sustainable bamboo for easy cleanup.

Great for hot meals, these wood eating utensils are heat-resistant to keep cutlery from melting.

These bamboo cutlery sets strong and sturdy to prevent splintering during use

Choose The Green Alternative

Made from fast-growing bamboo, these utensils are sustainable alternatives to plastic utensils. For a quick cleanup, our bamboo cutlery is conveniently disposable.

Enjoy Hot Or Cold Food

Our bamboo cutlery is heat-resistant and holds up to your hot soups or pasta. You won’t have to worry about cutlery melting with hot meals.

Durable Bamboo Won’t Break

Sturdy bamboo won’t splinter or fray while enjoying meals. Your guests will be able to comfortably cut and scoop their entrees and side dishes.

With a stylish design, this bamboo cutlery set gives your table settings an elegant look.

This bamboo cutlery is available as individual eating utensils or sets for easily setting tables.

These disposable cutlery is sold in large amounts, making them perfect for large parties.

All-Natural Bamboo Finish

With a natural bamboo finish, these utensils add a charming, rustic touch to place settings. Great for upgrading the look of barbecues, picnics, and more!

Individual Utensils Or Sets Available

Choose from a variety of cutlery sets or individual forks, knives, and spoons. Our eating utensils allow you to quickly set and clear tables during your special events.

Perfect For Parties

Our cutlery is sold in large quantities, making them great for large festivities or multiple parties. No more washing up after celebrations!


TIED WITH TWINE: These bamboo flatware sets are secured with a paper band and tied with twine to add rustic and elegant simplicity to any tablescape. Great for weddings, birthdays, or picnics!

3-PIECE SET WITH NAPKIN: Each bamboo cutlery set includes everything you need: a fork, spoon, knife, and napkin! These flatware sets are pre-rolled for a hassle-free way to set up tables.

NATURE-FRIENDLY: Featuring utensils sustainable bamboo, these disposable silverware sets are a stylish and earth-friendly option! These utensils are commercially compostable and biodegradable.

GREAT FOR ANY OCCASION: These disposable cutlery sets can be easily dressed up or dressed down to match any occasion. Featuring a natural finish, these utensils complement the decor at any event!

INCLUDES 100 CUTLERY SETS: Measuring 6.5 inches long by 3.25 inches wide, these compostable utensils provide you with a quick way to clean up after events. Each order includes 100 cutlery sets.